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KC Man Accused of Drugging Little Girls, Molesting and Filming Them


Pedophile drugged and molested little girls

Pedophile drugged and molested little girls

The UPI -is reporting that a 60 year old Kansas City man gave sedative-laced ice cream to several young girls and filmed them in pornographic poses while they were unconscious.

James Phillips Edwards was charged Wednesday with advertising, possessing and attempting to distribute child pornography over the Internet.

 He was ordered to be held without bond.

Authorities  investigating Edwards  for possession of child pornography on his home computer found a file called “Consuming the Date Rape Drug,” which explained “that the girls would be given a date rape drug in soda and separately with ice cream.”

That file showed three little girls sitting on Edwards’ bed and eventually, Edwards appears in the video giving the girls drinks and what appears to be ice cream.

“After the girls are apparently unconscious, a few are depicted naked from the waist down,” and Edwards then appears in one shot touching one girl between her legs, molesting her.

There were several movie and picture files similar to this, showing Edward’s drugging and molesting multiple preteen young girls.

Edwards told investigators in a videotaped interview after his Oct. 14 arrest that “he doesn’t believe that what he has done is wrong,” according to a motion seeking Edwards’ pretrial detention filed by assistant U.S. attorney Katharine Fincham.

“His view is that society places arbitrary lines (as in age restrictions) around sexual conduct, with which he doesn’t agree,” Fincham wrote.

Prosecutors said Edwards admitted giving “multiple minor girls” Ambien, a sedative, before making videos of them with their genitalia exposed and that the children ranged in age from 6 to 12. They said he told investigators he spent time spitting on one girl’s face.

All the girls have been identified and are safe.

Edward’s family was unaware of any alleged illegal activity that was occurring in their midst.

 He is married to his third wife.

Edwards , who is being held without bond, had been a danger to the community, unchecked, for years.

“He has engaged in unspeakable humiliation of these girls, pursuant to a philosophy which he still holds and for which he makes no apologies,” she wrote.

If convicted on all charges, Edwards could be sentenced to over 60 years in prison. He will most likely die in prison.

If these accusations are found to be true, he should receive the death penalty, and it should be carried out, summarily.

2 Responses to “KC Man Accused of Drugging Little Girls, Molesting and Filming Them”

  1. What a scumbag! Why couldn’t he have a heart attack or stroke and died before he molested his first victim.

  2. Have some Jello pudding kids, ha ha ha!

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