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The DMX Riot is Security’s Fault in Colorado, Springs, Colorado…He Plays the Peacemaker

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This past Friday,one of my favorite rappers,DMX, got caught up in a riot at a concert venue he was to perform in.

As in the tradition of Sly Stone, Michael Jackson, Prince, and The Rolling Stones, DMX arrived a little late for his performance.

I call it fashionably late, and I know that anticipation is a big part of  the realisation of the euphoria that transfix an audience while enjoying a live hip hop show.

Colorado Springs, Colorado apparently has not gotten that message yet, because at Friday’s show, they totally flipped.

An amateur video of the melee has been posted on YouTube, and it speaks for itself.

The fake cops are thoroughly escalating the situation unnecessarily, they are disrespecting DMX, and naturally an argument ensues between all parties.

The crowd decides to ride for DMX, and the rent a cops act like they are going to fight the crowd!

Surprisingly, the usually emotional rapper demonstrates a calm head, and appropriately encourages the crowd to calm down, and to not do anything to make the police arrest them, because that is exactly what they want to do.

That was some sage advice, and I commend DMX for showing this level of concern for the safety of his loyal fans, even in   the midst of a crazy, out of control situation.

Good work DMX! 

Warning: Profanity laced video…but I recommend that you watch it here, if you have yet to see this melee….

One Response to “The DMX Riot is Security’s Fault in Colorado, Springs, Colorado…He Plays the Peacemaker”

  1. damn rent a cops just trying to create issues…

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