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Marcus Jordan Refuses to Wear Adidas Sneakers, Shows Loyalty only to His Dads’ Brand of Nikes Costing his College Millions

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I love this latest story about Michael Jordan and his college basketball player son, Marcus Jordan.

Marcus is set to suit up as a freshman for the University of Central Florida basketball team this season. Before joining UCF, Jordan was rated as the 100th-best shooting guard in the country as a high school senior by ESPNU, averaging 10.0 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game, earning state tournament MVP honors.

Marcus is a 6-foot-3 inch shooting guard, and his presence has peaked interest in the school in Orlando, Fla. that it has never had in its existence.

The name of the UCF Basketball team is the Knight’s.

While Marcus Jordan could see playing time for the Knights, it’s likely the possibility of seeing his Hall of Fame father in the stands may be what’s driving ticket sales to be better than last year when the Knights averaged about 4,300 a game in a facility that has 10,000 seats.

Marcus Jordan will bring more national attention to Central Florida, a member of Conference USA, but Knights coach Kirk Speraw said the only reason UCF recruited Marcus is because of what he can do for the program.

“It didn’t matter whether his name was Marcus Smith,” Speraw said. “His skill set is what we needed for this basketball team.”

Marcus, who has yet to play for the team, is sparking a  controversy that  is all about the shoes that he refuses to wear, and the ones that he insist on wearing.

You see,the University of Central Florida basketball team has an endorsement deal with Adidas that requires that all the players and coaches on the team must wear Adidas shoes and apparel with their logos on them,use their athletic equipment, and are prohibited from being seen in another brand. 

For that the school is compensated financially with 1.9 million dollars.

Jordans much publicised refusal to wear the Adidas shoes would be a breach of contract, and could have costly implications for the schools athletic department.There had been a precedent set with a football player, who chose to wear a competing manufacturers shoes while playing because of the fit, but the difference here is that Jordan has made it a very public matter.

Marcus is citing family loyalty as his reason to be so uncompromising with this stance, and a family pride prevents him from wearing anything but his daddy’s Nike Air Jordans.

Marcus and UCF had been under the impression that it would not be a problem, but an Adidas spokeswoman, Andrea Croso said that there is a dispute, and they are currently reviewing it. She stated, “There is no compromise and the contract is currently under review. We are in negotiations for a future relationship regarding the broader UCF athletic program. What I can say is that these relationships are based upon agreed deliverables for both parties.”

What Adidas is saying is that they are disappointed, and will probably not renew their agreement with the institution , or may change the terms of the deal, if Jordan is allowed to breach their contract.

What do you think, 1.9 million dollars,shoes, apparel, and equipment, or one new freshman player wearing his daddy’s brand of sneakers?

The UCF’s current contract with Adidas expires in 2010.

Marcus Jordan Disses Adidas

Marcus Jordan Disses Adidas

7 Responses to “Marcus Jordan Refuses to Wear Adidas Sneakers, Shows Loyalty only to His Dads’ Brand of Nikes Costing his College Millions”

  1. marcus is right family loyalty is important ,go marcus

  2. What an arrogant snot nose. He’s not a team player at all if he’s willing to sacrifice the university’s well being, because of his own preference. UCF should send him back to daddy.

  3. It is/was contracts that paid millions of dollars to his father. Marcus should understand that his chosen school has such a contract. Either transfer to another school or wear the Nike’s.

  4. That should read wear the Adidas

  5. i feel there’s nothing wrong with marcus jordan wearing his dad’s brand cut him some slack his dad’s michael jordan for goodness sake not to say that means anything but still come on he just want’s to wear shoes there just shoes SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. […] Last season when Marcus Jordan,19, joined the University of Central Florida as a freshman guard, he made news by refusing to wear any other sneakers other than his father’s brand, while playing for the team, even though the school had a promotional deal with Adidas, who supplies the team with their gear.(Source) […]

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