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Sara Kruzan is the face of Injustice in America

Sarah Kruzan

Sara Kruzan

Yesterday while I was having a civil debate with a great group of friends over student clothing issues, I opened a video that was sent to me concerning a young lady that was sentenced to life in prison at the age of 16. It is moving to listen to her, as she reflects on her growth and maturity over the past decade surviving  incarceration.

Her name is Sara Kruzan, and she is 29 years old. She was sentenced to life without parole in California, after she had to kill her pimp, that molested her, abused her, and sexually exploited her beginning at the age of 13.

She was tried as an adult, and her punishment was meted out at the level of an adult offender.

She was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.  A very harsh sentence in my opinion.

After sharing this video with several friends, I have a few problems with her case.

First of all, why are we as a society allowing minor children to be treated as adults in penal system. There must be some provisions for minors, to be treated as minors,so they can be rehabilitated, and acclimated into society, to become a productive contributing citizen.

All murder, and all murderers were not created equally. I say we should reserve life without parole and the death penalty for those that actually deserve it.

An abused child escaping her abuser by any means necessary is not murder, it is more like self defense.

I am sure there are mitigating factors as to the manner of death, but I think our ociety would agree with me that a molested and mentally abused child escaping her captors, like Jaycee Dugaard, is not a crime that demands a sentence of life without parole.

There may not have been a crime committed at all.

The child molestation coupled with the sexual exploitation of the child, trumps this abusers murder.

I think his death was inevitable, and should be viewed more like he committed suicide, but charging this young lady with murder is a travesty of justice.

This is what happens when you can not afford a proper defense, and this is what separates the rich from the poor.

I would normally relegate this to another case of racism and hold it up as an example of Americas double standard, but what I know is that it has more to do with poverty, rather than race. To make it a racial issue would diminish the profound injustice taking place here in California, but I know many people of all the races prevalent here in our state, that are suffering at the bad end of the justice system simply because they can not afford a competent attorney, and investigators to reasonably resolve their case.

Public defenders main agenda is to clear there schedules without too much of a hassle.

Sara Kruzan had no family or friends to step up and support her in her time of need well over a decade ago.With all the protesting, boycotts, and complaining I have done here in California, I am ashamed of myself to have not been aware of this case, and the many cases like this, before this random posting on a social networking site.

It put my latest concern with how some of our older black folks want to dictate how the younger ones dress,…well that is basically not that important, compared to these Exigent Circumstances.

This young lady is speaking about her discovery of a ”morale scruples” , and frankly, that tore me up. The fact that she seems to be nervous, yet committed to expressing this morality that she has found in prison, is disturbing.

It disturbs me because, first of all, there are a lot of free people, Christians included, that have not found their morale scruples. We should all strive to be morale and good human beings, but I feel like she has been made to feel bad about herself and her past actions, unfairly. We should only have reasonable expectations from any abuse victim, and she has gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge while incarcerated.

I see her as a possible role model for young women throughout America. She deserves an opportunity to have a bright future.

How do you tell a rape, and child abuse victim that they have no morale scruples.I say it a lack of morality to have been so dispassionate with the treatment of Sara Kruzman.

How dare a sitting judge tell a rape victim they lack morality, and a child at that.

We  all need to be aware of this injustice occurring to sister Sara Kruzan, and really read and understand the mental state that her abuse and exploitation put her in. None of it is her fault. The Stockholm Syndrome has been an effective defense in the past, for cases like this, and I see that it is in play from the facts that I have.

Sara needs some publicity, as well as access to a proper and aggressive legal team, to defend her case.

I am asking all of my readers to view the clip below, and just make yourself aware of what is happening in our judicial system today. We all know that the poor, and disenfranchised get no defense, and I suspect that our jails are full of innocent children and young adults, falsely accused of a crime that they did not commit.

In Sara’s case, self defense is not against the law, and she has been behind bars for too long.

Let Sara go free today. I know it is the right thing to do.

33 Responses to “Sara Kruzan is the face of Injustice in America”

  1. Jerry, well said! I am all too familiar with the stockholm syndrome, and you’re right, any attorney worth his weight would have introduced, at the very least, that argument.
    The question now is, how do we literally help her? I am in for whatever needs to be done. This girl deserves a life. She desrves a life without guilt and shame. She deserves to be free literally and emotionally!!!

      My goal is to get the innocence project to take on her defense, and I have a friend who has worked with them, and he has requested her court records, so we can investigate and go from there.
      I got swamped with work this week, but will be on it this weekend, and next week as well, so we can get the ball rolling.
      Take care, alot of people want to help this young lady out, so I think that this organizationcould help her out,based on their experience.
      tAKE CARE..
      -Jerry Brice-

  2. This is very pathetic. This type of abuse even by the courts became common worldwide. This menace cannot curtailed while powerful mafias engaged with human trafficking as one of the most profit making business, run parallel governments with the help of rulers themselves in almost each and every country. But can be reduced to some extent through powerful people’s struggles. Helping individuals through NGOs certainly will not help as these NGOs are increasingly helping Governments to contain the protests instead of menace. Only the mass movements can be able to put these brutalities to rest to some extent. If we want sincerely the total containment, overturning the whole system is the only way that too with mass uprising of common masses.

    • I enjoy your enthusiasm, and if what you say can be done peaceful and orderly, then a mass demonstration around the prison is all good, especially for publicity.
      I am not in to anything coming near anarchy, and I can only assume that is not what you are refering to.
      I she has access to an attorney who cares about her, then she can be better served.

  3. …and Sekhar. you give great response and I hope that my mistake does not curtail that at all…
    Much respect my friend, do not change…

  4. Is it? Thank you Jerrybrice. Your first email was not actually not intended for me. A great relief to me. I first thought the reply in my inbox found somehow wrong address and followed the link. I noticed my comment here realized that the addressee was me. I was double shocked and my heart beat was pushed on to fast track. I responded immediately explaining how my comment was justified.
    The reply email was just because of choosing wrong reply box. That’s it. I’m relieved like anything you know.
    Yes Jerrybrice! We are all humans. But there are advanced animals among us, humans, who are to appropriate a lot out of these pathetic stories of helpless like Sara kruzan. Thank you for caring brice.

  5. A small correction. Please read the last but one sentence like this “But there are advanced animals among us, humans, who are eager to appropriate…” Regrets.

  6. Does anyone have any contact info for Sarah? CDC#, DOB, Location??

    • I asked a friend to get on this for me last week, and I will follow through on it this weekend and next week… and I will pass along that info to you..It may be on the internet, but I will have to put in some time to gat it, so either way, I will have that for you, and I will post it asap.
      If you or a viewer get it before me, feel free to post it here,thank you.
      Looks like help is on her way…

  7. Mr. Brice,

    Is there anything I can do to help? This is definitely a travesty of justice and you’re right it has more to do with rich versus those not wealthy enough to pay for effective legal counsel.

    • I am requesting her court records, it all should be public, but I have a friend in the law business, a lawyer getting her records for me, this week we all got busy, but this weekend and next week, we will have the records, and go from there.
      I will get back to you here, at that time, and pass along any info. so we all can help her.
      She needs this case overturned, and a new trial is in order, so those are my goals.I would like to present her case to the ”Innocence project”at the Western College of Law, because they have eperience turning over bad convictions, I just need to present the facts of the case to them, as well as the court records.
      Thanks for the offer, and we will be in touch.I am thrilled to get all this feedback, because she needs to be out of prison.

  8. Here is a link to a great article covering some of the legalities involved with this case,that Mr Michael Kraemer from the Political Cartel penned.I highly reccomend it, because he sheds some new insight into this case.It does put some focus on what we my be confronting in court when we try to get this case reviewed and turned over….
    The Political Cartel is written by some of the leading law students in the country,and I highly reccomend it.
    This article is the type of helpful, factual journalism that will change things for the better….

  9. I found the basic, and yes I do mean basic, information of this case on a forum I belong to, and could not believe the responses, many did not even read. or appeared not to have read, the link the OP (Original Poster) had put into the forum.

    The most idiotic of them was, that she could have walked away any time she wanted to! As this from supposed adults who understand abuse! One even said that the court only heard her side of the story, I am sure that there was more to it than that, and I would therefore like to know if you really are going to put the case history onto the net, as I would like to post the link into the forum to show people Sarahs whole story.

    I realise I am in the UK, but even here, we do not dish out such horrendouse punishments to children, even when we imprison them after such a crime, it is mostly for their own safety and to help them learn that what they have done is wrong, by being with them 24.7 the authorities have a better knowledge of when they might be ready for release.

    I am a mother of three children, and when I see something like this I say the old saying to myself, “There but for the Grace of God”.

    Thank you for letting me post on here, and I look forward to any advances you make with this case

    Kind Regards

    Morgan (UK)

    • The case documents have proven to be hard to get,but we are working on it.The case in 1995 was not entered into a digital data base, so we may have to go to Riverside to request a look at the physical copy.
      When we get more facts from the case, I will post it here.

      I agree with you, I have been surprised by the opposing opinion, but I think it is good for us to be able to familiarize ourselves with their point of view, so we can construct a counter attack that is effective to fight it for this young lady.
      We must define what is currently cruel and unusual punishment,I can see that…

  10. Victim Sarah Kruzin, to be born into a world, innocent, only to be preyed upon by the bottom feeders of our society; we should expect her sense of self worth stolen and her definition of LOVE forever marred by the misuse of her body. Was not it Judge Thompson Hanks’ responsibility to correctly divide the truth and apply the law to protect the victim? In what mindset can you view a victim through the eyes of a victimizer? Wisdom would have told the Honorable Judge Hanks the Victim was Sarah not G.G., but wisdom does not follow knowledge as a rule, judged by his inept statement of her lack of morales and scruples. Obvious mistakes were made, and irrevocable harm is done and the blind lady of Justice rolls onward to pave under all who cross her path.

    • Beautifuly well said my friend….I belive that sentencing an abuse and victimized child to life without parole is a cruel and unusual punishment, especially given the abuse that poor Sarah endured…
      We all must keep pushing for her release, they are making it hard….

  11. HEY, I have a 20 year daughter who’s in her junior year of college on an athletic scholarship and she is my only child . When I say a kept a tight rope around her neck I meant it was tight. Why because I made the decision to bring her in this world and it was my job to PROTECT her via her father, relatives, or teachers, and strangers by any mean necessary.She now tells me she understand why I was very protected over her. I exhausted everything a single parent could and would do for the LOVE their child when it came to saftey.Dressing up with a baseball cap coming threw an unlock doors that should have been locked. I made my appearances regularly while she was grade school, middle and high school. I even started her in aerobics at the age of 4years old and she became indulge with fitness and is a positive student and good kid. Being a single parent has its ups and downs. I could not see turning to drugs, selling my child and just doing the unthinkable.Stressed yes a whole lot but Never wound I allow a man to control me in that manner. I said all that to say struggling and going through made ME STRONGER in and WISER in my decision making and the LOVE of myself and my child could not ever change for anything LESS. When those negative issues occur you got to be strong for your kids, remember your kids see and hear and also mimic what see from PARENTS it starts at home for whatever reason. I’m for the cause please keep me posted. Thanks Denita

  12. Sara Kruzan
    # w 59700
    c 512.122low
    P.O box 1508
    Chowchilla, Ca.93610-1508

  13. This story is quit compelling. I believe the judge based the final decision to grant this young lady life without sentence was for pure self gratification. Yes its by law a huge crime to take the life another pending their wrong doing, However, Sarah was a minor. A youth. Her mind was like a sponge. Yet, based on her scholar achievements, she was put into the catagory of a premeditated crime. I sincerely believe that the system is unjust. Who is to decide rather parole is granted or not. A murder is a murder. Yes , I agree with pending the type of hate crime should be weighed, but this was a self act of protection. A desperate cry out for freedom. She should be released on parole and granted a new life. She has served her time in prison and Im sure she has a story to share with others woman and men that dont involve crime as a way of excaping explotation.

  14. This is for Jerry Brice
    Did you get any further with the case documents for Sara?
    We are interested in also taking up her case – but would like more information.

    Concrete information is a little hard to get hold of 🙂



  15. Thanks Jerry
    We are working on it and if we get further will let you know



  16. Hi Jerry, do you have any updates on the Sarah Kruzan case? How are your efforts going?

    • I am always happy to report any new information that her attorneys may have on her behalf,but this case is tied directly to a challenge to the Supreme Court on wether it is cruel and usual punishment to condemn a minor to life in prison, and the outcome of that is her main hope.
      As it stands today, she is still in prison,and I wish her attorneys well in their Supreme court challenge,and when they have something new and significant to report, I will write a report on it to keep it in the public eye,as is my job in the media, and her legal team is working as much as they can to help her, but the case at this point, needs the attention of the top legal minds.

  17. You know, this is the second time that i have run across [Sarah’s] story. I wish that i could be of some kind of help. I guess its all in God’s hands right now. I will continue to pray for every aspect of her case as well as her strength, as she endures waiting in prison. I truly believe that there will be a turnaround on her behalf. Keep the faith [Sarah], God always has a plan!

  18. The governor,during his final hours in office, also granted clemency to Sara Kruzan, who was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for the 1994 shooting death of George Gilbert Howard. Schwarzenegger reduced her sentence to 25 years to life in prison with the possibility of parole…she will be free soon!!!

    • jerrybrice my name is gustavo escobar an i wanted to let u no that in my behalf am wiling to help in any way its sad an heart breaking that a beautiful young gurl an women at the time now has to go thru that kind of stuf i mean she was abused an melested its not rite dat because she did wat she did she has to be in prison


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