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Len Goodman finally on board with Team Mya on Week 5 on Dancing With The Stars

Team Mya

Team Mya


Mya Harrison, aka, Team Mya got a big boost this week by performing at a level that hard to please judge, Len Goodman could finally fully appreciate.

Mya and her partner Dmitry Chaplin put on a stunning performance of the Argentine tango, that was presented with sophisticated, classy choreography,coupled with  charismaticlly intriguing leg lift’s ,dramatic poses, and skillful timing.

Len told the pair that he…”does not know what I like until I see it”…and in this case he liked what he had just seen.

He awarded the pair with the highest score he has given them this season. They got a 9 from him for this performance.

What that means is that they are improving in his critical eyes, and that there is still some room for improvement.

Interestingly enough, Bruno and Carrie Ann lowered their score for team Mya down to a 9, from the past two weeks scores of 10, from the two judges.

My scores remained the same for team Mya,as they were in the past. I think she is definitely performing at the level of a 10, and they might need to add more numbers to that scale, so I can rate her even higher, if possible. But I am not a professional dancer, so it all impresses me.

What I see in the team Mya performances, is that the two seem to be developing a great artistic collaboration. It is a well known fact that Mya has a dance background, but that is in other forms of dance. Ballroom dancing is a very specific and technical form of dancing, and is very specialised.

 It appears that her developed sense of movement in general, and her obvious acting experience, has helped the pair with their artistic communication.

I am pretty sure Dmitry is a confident and exceptional choreographer by himself, but as all great artist will attest to, if you add in to the mix, another great artistic influence like Mya, then the end result will be stronger, more diverse, and will have many layers to the performance.

The passion for the performances can be felt just by witnessing the dance evolve before our eyes. I am always amazed by the fact that the show is live on the East coast,and given that, anything could happen, yet team Mya executes the choreography as if they were in a room by themselves.

That is the hallmark of a professional, and that is what I look for in entertainers.

I think it was fitting that in a night where a new young star is rising like Phoenix, that the producer of ”DWTS” would choose to present a wonderful tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

The band and the dancers were awesome, and it was a pleasant surprise to see Michael’s mom Katherine in the audience, smiling, looking happy, and cheering on the performers honoring her late son.

I am sure the King of Pop is smiling at what he has influenced in all of the performers, and the dedication and persistence that Michael was all about, is definitely apparent in the efforts of Mya, on this season of ”Dancing With the Stars”.

Team Mya received the highest score of 27 for this weeks performance.I look forward to what they have in store for us next week, as they must learn two new intricate dances.

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