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Women Branded as Witches By Religous Leaders Beaten up By Mob of Worshippers

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It is like Religions have gone Wild all over the world as a wave of unforgiving conservative fundamentalism have taken over any logic, rhyme or reason that might have existed in these religions.

We see in America, Christians bombing and killing doctors, for conducting legal surgeries on woman who want them, and need them, which is the height of irony.

 In the Muslim world, they have a lot of fundamentalism,in countries that do not practice religious freedom, and they still spawn even more conservative believers, and create political terrorist sects like the Taliban.

Religous persecution is more common around the world, than religious freedom, and the only similarity between each of the religions is that they will kill those that do not believe exactly as they do.

It is the hallmark of all the major religions around the world, to invalidate other spiritual practices, and demonize those religions that do not look or act like their own.

To that end , comes a story out of India, about the religious persecution of women branded as witches by the Hindu leaders. Much like the Christian persecution of alledged witches of Salem here in the US, this happens all to often throughout every region of the subcontinent, India.

India is one of the most populous nations in the world, second only to China. There are a fair amount of Muslims in India, and a small group of Christians, that are treated like second class citizens there.

When I traveled there, the only thing they searched my bags for at customs upon entering the country, was for a bible or religious material that is prohibited in their country. Most Americans will attempt to spread Christianity, and that is not welcome there. 

The Hindu religion is the most dominant religion in India, much like Christianity dominates the United States of America. The Difference in the USA is that we have declared our nation to be one in which every citizen has the freedom and right to worship any religion of their choice, freely,without any hinderance from the government.

Religous freedom is the hallmark of our country, as well as the separation of church and state. In a plural religious society, it is the most logical way to proceed, and maintain order.

In southern India, five women were paraded naked and beaten up on Sunday by villagers on suspicion of being witches in Deoghar district, about 350 km north-east of Ranchi.

 Local police said the victims were Muslim widows who had been labelled as witches by a local cleric.

The women were beaten up so severely that they were seen writhing in pain. The face of one was burnt with incense sticks. The Palajori block development officer and officer-in-charge of the local police station got wind of the incident and reached the village with the police.

They rescued the woman from the crowd and brought them to the police station.

The women who were beaten up – belonged to Pathalghatia village, where the incident took place.

It is not known which three were widows among them.

According to reports, a witch doctor instigated the villagers to thrash the women.

A witch doctor is meant to exorcise evil spirits.

Villagers first beat up the women in the morning.  Subsequently, they misbehaved with them for an hour and dragged them out naked, abusing and thrashing them relentlessly.

The villagers were pressing these women to confess that they practised witchcraft.

The police, later, recorded the statements of the victims in which they named the culprits.

Studies show evidence that the abuse of women who are branded as witches is common, but rare footage of the incident has caused outrage across India.

Just this past August, a woman accused of practicing witchcraft in eastern India was tied to a tree and beaten by enraged villagers .

Lalpari Devi was attacked  in a village on the outskirts of Patna, the capital of Bihar state.

 Devi claimed to be a faith healer and was treating a mentally ill woman in the village. When the woman attempted to commit suicide, Devi was attacked by angry villagers, witnesses said.

 Devi was tied to a tree with rope and repeatedly beaten. Her hair was then cut off and she was paraded through the village.

 A video of the attack can be seen here…

Ram Ayodhya Rai, the mentally ill woman’s husband, was arrested and charged with assault.  Police had started an investigation to find out how many other villagers were involved in the assault.

These are extreme examples of what could happen in a society that is allowed to be manipulated by illogical, and viscous religious beliefs. I see this happening in the hearts and minds of many Christians.

I am not pointing out these abuse cases as being purely a Hindu issue, because that religion in India is on par with the Western worlds practice of Christianity.

I have had a few of my Christian friends express to me that they would love America to mete out our laws based on Christian biblical doctrine, which would lead to scenes like the ones that are happening in the Hindu society. If a human being has a rationalisation to be inhuman to their fellow man, most will be cruel in the name of the lord.

It has happened here before….

The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings before local magistrates followed by county court trials to prosecute people accused of witchcraft in Essex, Suffolk and Middlesex counties of colonial Massachusetts, between February 1692 and May 1693. The episode has been used in political rhetoric and popular literature as a vivid cautionary tale about the dangers of religious extremism, false accusations, lapses in due process, and governmental intrusion on individual liberties.

Modern India is much like the USA. They have bustling, vibrant, cosmopolitan cities, and enjoy the same modern technology that we do as well. They also have rural country towns, that are not so modern, or new.

Literacy is low, and many learn how to read, if you are lucky, from studying the Hindu equivalent of our Bible. They also continue to learn a very fundamental approach to their religion, that does not seem to be dissipating as one would expect with time.

Kind of sounds like Christianity to me, and it is applied just like Christianity is in America, this is the basis for my correlation of these deplorable acts perpetrated by both religions.

We must eliminate this from our world and all of our societies, if we are to continue to thrive, or inevitably, the crazy’s will kill us all for being sinners.

All in the name of the lord…

For more information on Indian Witch persecutions-

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