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More New Cartoons…Harriet and Lancelot…a callabo

Here are two characters that were designed by Me and Julian Chaney from Parker Simmons concept artwork.

I attribute the success of the design to the initial work done by Parker Simmons, who pretty much nailed it for us in his inspirational designs.

Julian took it even further, and I put it all the info together, and executed these drawings.

Parker Simmons is currently an animator  Titmouse, studios in Hollywood, and Julian Chaney continues to produce storyboards for various television productions, at all the major studios. I only collaborate with the heavy hitters, so I can hit very Heavy….lol.

Harriet character design by Jerry Brice/Parker Simmons,Julian Chaney

Harriet character design by Jerry Brice/Parker Simmons,Julian Chaney


lancelot by jerry brice

Lancelot by Jerry Brice

Follow the blog as I will post all the rough development artwork, that shows all of our development sketches that lead up to the final design.It is always interesting to see which artist style influenced which character the most,and how each artist interprets a design differently.

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