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Ex-NBA Star Investigated For Rudely Groping Women in Miami

[picapp src=”7/5/4/4/PicImg_Elaine_Langcaster_Dennis_f5cf.JPG?adImageId=6210319&imageId=4386425″ width=”380″ height=”575″ /]

The ”Worm” Dennis Rodman has been caught with his tentacles in the wrong crotch.

A woman accused former NBA star Dennis Rodman of touching her inappropriately at a nightclub in Miami Beach early Friday, Miami Beach police said.
According to an incident report, the woman said she was at LIV nightclub with friends when Rodman walked up to her, whispered something in her ear, then put his hand between her legs and grabbed her crotch area. The woman called security and Miami Beach police responded

Darren Prince, Rodman’s agent, said Rodman denied allegation and does not know the woman who accused him. ”He thinks it’s probably just another woman trying to get money out of him,” he said.

The police said video surveillance shows Rodman with the young lady, but have not released any information regarding the alleged unwelcome groping, or if it is visible on the video.

I like Rodman and always thought he would make a good defensive coach, if he could only get his addictions in check.

This definitely will not help.

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