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Man Arrested for Sending Death Threats To President Obama,Threatening to Kill His Family

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A Del Norte County man,a county in northern California, was indicted by a federal grand jury this week on charges of threatening to kill President Barack Obama and his family.

The indictment in U.S. District Court in San Francisco alleges that John Gimbel e-mailed a profanity-laden threat to kill the president after decapitating his wife and children while he watched. He is being brought up on three charges; threats against the president, threats against the president’s immediate family and threats transmitted though interstate communication.

The emails are filled with ‘racist’ and ‘disrespectful’ comments to the president, AP reported on Friday.

The 59-year-old North California resident is also charged with threatening US Vice President, Joseph Biden and a number of other people.

In one of the Gimbel e-mail’s he rambled and included specific references to first lady Michelle Obama and the phrase, “do it to his children and family first in front of him. Failure to comply. That’ll teach him.”
Upon primary interrogation, Gimbel has denied the accusations and reportedly sought publicity for his motions. 

The threats were allegedly made on or about Sept. 28, according to the indictment. He was arrested on Oct. 6 in Crescent City, according to the U.S. Secret Service Office in San Francisco. He is being held in the Humboldt County jail without bail after being indicted on Tuesday.

The e-mail subject allegedly read “Operation kill big-(epithet)-rig: kill the ‘president’ (epithet), then write ‘fed s–t’ on his chest with a felt tip.” The e-mail itself goes on to insult and threaten Obama and his family, in defense of Glen Beck”.

His defense lawyer, Randall Davis, also maintains that the US citizen had just exercised his freedom of speech without posing a life threat on Obama.

Gimbel is to be brought before a court on Monday.

It is reported that Gimbel is an avid follower of Glen Beck’s Fox News program, and was moved into this despicable action against the American President from the ”orders” he received from the news program.

He is a true example of a neocon Republican/independent terrorist racist bigot abusing the true meaning behind the founding father’s first amendment rights.

I call for the Department of Justice to bring Fox News up on charges of treason and sedition, immediately.

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