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With Vicious Dog Attacks Increasing, Marine Corps Bans Pit Bulls, Rottweilers,and Mastiff’s From Camp Pendleton, and other Bases

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As the incedence’s of vicious dog attacks increase across the nation, the Marine Corps is moving to ban dogs with aggressive temperaments from Camp Pendleton and other military bases. The action is in response to a dog mauling of  a 3-year-old boy at Camp Lejeune, N.C.,  who was fatally bitten by a pit bull.

The banned breeds are hybrid wolf’s, pit bulls, bull mastiffs, and Rottweilers, commonly known as devil dogs.

As many owners of the banned breeds know, the dogs reflect the treatment that they have endured from their human owners. If the dog is trained to be aggressive, then the dog will follow through, and if it is taught how to be social around humans and other animals, then they make the best pets in the world.

Unfortunetly, many owners do not have the experience nor the training themselves to be able to raise a non-aggresive animal, and many seek to make their pet aggressive.

A woman was seriously injured by in a California dog bite incident that occurred in National City, on October 10th,2009. She was attacked by 3 pit bulls, who had escaped from their owners fenced in yard.

NBC is reporting this…

Witnesses who watched in horror as a woman was attacked by three dogs say they’re surprised she’s alive.

“It was like they were tearing her apart, they were holding her arm her leg, they were jumping on her,” said 12-year-old Daniel Gomez, who says the attack lasted about a minute.

Sharon Holland was in the hospital over the weekend for serious bite wounds after she was attacked near her home in Lincoln Acres. But family members tell her life may be in jeopardy because those wounds have become infected.

John Avila  thought the three Mastiffs were going to kill his 54-year-old friend…

Animal Control investigators say Holland was knocked unconscious. She also suffered severe bite marks to her left arm.

In another part of town, Ocean Beach, there was another pit bull attack, that ended in the dog being shot to death by a police officer. Here is a report from the local media…

A San Diego police officer shot and killed a dog in Ocean Beach yesterday. Police said that two officers initially responded to a call that a woman was being attacked by a dog. When they arrived at the scene, the dog attacked the officers as well. The incident took place at Ocean Beach Farmers Market.

When the officers arrived at Newport Avenue near Bacon Street around 5 p.m., they encountered a hostile pit bull that had been attacking the woman at the time the call was placed. The woman had been able to run away, but the dog then attacked the officers. One of the officers was injured and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. The dog was shot shortly after the officer sustained the injuries. Police said that a man who was with the dog, but not believed to be the dog’s owner, was taken into custody at the scene…

A lawyer associate of mine had this to say…

While many people own the dogs that have been classified as inherently dangerous and control them without incident, others are not are not able to adequately train and control their animals. Being bitten by a dog can be terrifying and can cause a great deal of harm to the person who has been bitten.

The law recognizes different animals, and even different breeds of dogs, as having different standards of liability for their owners. Some animals are classified as inherently dangerous while others are not. If an animal is inherently dangerous, the owner is liable for all foreseeable harm caused by the animal. Some dog breeds have been classified as inherently dangerous by California law. Rottweilers, bull mastiffs and pit bulls are among the dogs that have been classified as inherently dangerous.

No dogs are allowed in barracks or enlisted or bachelor officer quarters. All dogs — and cats — in family housing must be registered. No family is allowed more than two pets.

I can not say that I agree with demonizing these animals, given that their behavior is a result of how their owners raised them. Providing training as well as certification to own and raise the breeds in question seems like a more reasonable remedy.

My question is, can someone please ban all these wild coyotes I have running around my backyard? My dogs do not want any part of those wolf packs, and neither do I.

For more on dog bite law, click on these links:

5 Responses to “With Vicious Dog Attacks Increasing, Marine Corps Bans Pit Bulls, Rottweilers,and Mastiff’s From Camp Pendleton, and other Bases”

  1. banning coyotes… that’s like asking to ban the yearly wildfires. there’s only so much you can take from the wilderness before it ends up catching up with you.

    • I agree my friend…it’s clear to me that they were here first.
      FYI, we all live together here just fine, and the coyotes are thriving.It’s just wild when they all
      pack together , and creep up on you at night,I have to admit, and the dogs are totally spooked…

  2. It is true that Camp Pendleton only allows a 2 pet maximum in specific areas, and that those animals are required to be registered to the military base.

    However, I live in Wire Mountain 2 and I have a neighbor who has 4 dogs (2 Australian Sheperds, 1 Chiuaua, and a Pittbull) and a cat (at least one as far as I can tell…). That’s a total of 5 pets. Obviously they haven’t gotten them all registered. Pitbulls were outlawed on base and yet they still have theirs. AND IT BARKS ALL THE TIME.

    They also require that you pick up after your pet, and yet anyone from base will tell you that there are some very irresponsible dog owners out there.

    The housing districts must work together with base authority to regulate pet control. If they continue to neglect these serious issues, the responsible dog owners will be the ones who suffer.

    Thanks, ME

  3. Pit Bulls have to be regulated for their own safety and for the safety of the public. There just is not any way around that anymore.

  4. people ask me all the time when i am out walking my dog “what kind of dog is that?” then they proceed to bend down and she licks their face. i respond “she’s a pit” that is when they stand up and back away and say they are afraid of pit bulls. i laugh and say “you just let her lick your face” they respond with something to the extent that she doesn’t look like the scary type.
    people are afraid of the name “pit bull”. i could easily say she is a staffordshire terrier but i kind of get a kick out of watching people realize that they are afraid of the name and not the dog.
    my dog has been socialized since she was four months old, she loves people and other dogs, but her favorite thing is a kid in a stroller. she is just so intrigued by them and gets so happy. if the parents allow me i will walk her up to the kid and the kid will start laughing when they pet her. she then cannot contain herself and licks their face which makes the kid laugh hysterically. and the parents think its the greatest thing ever. yet i still get some people that will run across the street to avoid coming near her

    the breed is not the problem, it’s the owner.

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