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Who Looks Better Bald-Cassie ,Britney, or Kanye West Girl?…Just a Distraction…

[picapp src=”2/6/4/d/2009_MTV_Video_2a11.jpg?adImageId=6036306&imageId=6461468″ width=”380″ height=”262″ /]

So, I like all of these girls so I do not get to decide, my mind is just wandering as I research pictures for my first exclusive story.

My assistant posed this question to me, so I am asking you, the readers, who do you think looks better with the totally or partially bald hairstyle, Britney Spears, Cassie, or Kanye West girlfriend?

Inquiring minds need to know….


[picapp src=”6/a/8/c/White_Party_2009_f0bd.JPG?adImageId=6034933&imageId=5309824″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] [picapp src=”9/f/3/8/White_Party_2009_1bba.JPG?adImageId=6035053&imageId=5309823″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] [picapp src=”5/f/9/d/2009_BET_Awards_2f0b.jpg?adImageId=6035134&imageId=5060933″ width=”234″ height=”347″ /] [picapp src=”8/3/f/b/BET_Awards_2009_d0b3.JPG?adImageId=6035174&imageId=5062279″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] [picapp src=”7/e/e/d/2009_BET_Awards_719e.jpg?adImageId=6035209&imageId=5060966″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] [picapp src=”e/1/7/2/2009_BET_Awards_977d.jpg?adImageId=6035254&imageId=5060976″ width=”234″ height=”346″ /] [picapp src=”b/5/7/5/Cassie_at_the_4e8f.jpg?adImageId=6035303&imageId=6086669″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] [picapp src=”a/9/6/f/Celebs_Attend_A_7ad7.jpg?adImageId=6035317&imageId=6083984″ width=”234″ height=”403″ /]

Britney Spears

bald britney

bald Britneybald Britneybald Britney

Bald,Bad, Britney Spears

Bald,Bad, Britney Spears

Kanye West Girlfriend Amber Rose

[picapp src=”6/2/6/9/Us_Weeklys_25_589a.jpg?adImageId=6036191&imageId=6519437″ width=”234″ height=”348″ /] [picapp src=”6/8/6/7/US_Magazine_Party_daf8.JPG?adImageId=6036222&imageId=6525979″ width=”234″ height=”345″ /] [picapp src=”5/9/6/b/US_Magazine_Party_04fc.JPG?adImageId=6036250&imageId=6525987″ width=”234″ height=”397″ /] [picapp src=”6/3/6/2/Us_Weeklys_25_5778.jpg?adImageId=6036535&imageId=6519469″ width=”366″ height=”594″ /] [picapp src=”5/2/5/9/GUESS_and_Marie_f52d.jpg?adImageId=6036681&imageId=5524732″ width=”380″ height=”569″ /] [picapp src=”5/9/f/4/Amber_Rose_leaving_4582.JPG?adImageId=6036780&imageId=5300637″ width=”234″ height=”467″ /] [picapp src=”a/6/b/7/Sean_Diddy_Combs_a5a7.jpg?adImageId=6036832&imageId=5306984″ width=”234″ height=”348″ /] [picapp src=”b/b/9/0/Sean_Diddy_Combs_7fa7.jpg?adImageId=6036868&imageId=5306985″ width=”234″ height=”345″ /]

One Response to “Who Looks Better Bald-Cassie ,Britney, or Kanye West Girl?…Just a Distraction…”

  1. they all look wierd:P i mean who shaves there head on purpose??!!

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