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Publicity Seeker Racist Balloon Boy’s Dad Major Announcement…”We Do Not Have Cable or the Internet”…

[picapp src=”3/9/c/4/Boy_Feared_Aloft_5eb0.jpg?adImageId=6010074&imageId=6820906″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]

The media came out in droves to cover the supposed ”important”announcement from racist balloon boy dad, Richard Heene, concerning the alledged hoax he perpetrated on our nation this week.

The announcement was that…”we do not have cable or the internet, so I do not know what questions the press has for me”…

I do not think we should trust a ”scientist” that does not have cable, or even stolen cable. He probably does not have internet access as well, but the discovery of the racist Falcon Heene rap video on YouTube, suggest that he does.

This guy is a piece of work, and obviously, an attention seeker.

There is a report swirling in the media that a colleague of Richard Heene is set to give a deposition to law enforcement stating that he and Richard are pursuing a reality T.V. series about scientific pranks, and this fake balloon stunt, was one that he created, and is part of the series pitch. He is certain that this was a hoax by Richard, designed to bring attention to his project.

Looks like it worked.

Let’s hope that he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law, because there are too many actual missing and exploited children out there, that this grotesque misuse of rescue personnel in this period of recession, is criminal, and selfish.

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