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Brothers Dominate Bodybuilding IFBB 2009-Toney Freeman Stands Out

Taney Freeman of the USA poses during the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) 2009 Australia Pro Grand Prix at Dallas Brooks Hall on March 14, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

Looks like it was a good year for African American men, and men of all races that participate in bodybuilding.

[picapp src=”2/7/d/9/Bodybuilding_IFBB_2009_8c49.jpg?adImageId=6038897&imageId=4244368″ width=”380″ height=”512″ /]

[picapp src=”4/f/8/3/Bodybuilding_IFBB_2009_3a54.jpg?adImageId=6038555&imageId=4244755″ width=”380″ height=”510″ /]

[picapp src=”2/d/9/d/Bodybuilding_IFBB_2009_b805.jpg?adImageId=6039520&imageId=4244374″ width=”234″ height=”175″ /]

[picapp src=”1/d/5/b/Bodybuilding_IFBB_2009_b914.jpg?adImageId=6039548&imageId=4244768″ width=”380″ height=”264″ /]

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