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If a White Philly Police Officer Can Not Wear Cornrows, Then Blacks Should Not Wear Weaves

French Braids Not Allowed For White Cops

French Braids Not Allowed For White Cops

What if he chose to wear a fro?…or better yet, what if he were black and decided to wear a fro, or in this case, corn rows?… or is this reverse discrimination?…

Police policy requires officers to have “clean, properly trimmed and combed hair” that doesn’t extend to their collar or cover their ears.

Police in Philadelphia say a white officer who came to work with cornrows was ordered by a black superior to get a haircut because the braids violated department standards.

The correct term for the hairstyle is not the corny corn rows, but they are actually french braids.

The Philadelphia Daily News reported that Officer Thomas Strain was put on desk duty last month because of the french braids, even though the paper reported dozens of black officers wear french braids.

“They pulled him out of roll call and took him right up to the inspector’s office,” said an officer who asked to remain anonymous.

Police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore says Strain’s boss told the officer to cut his hair to look more “professional.”

Vanore says officers’ hats must fit “in a military manner” over their hair, and that Strain’s hat did not. Strain got a haircut; he declined comment to the paper.

Vanore stressed that Strain, who has since cut his locks, was reprimanded because his hair was unruly – not because it was in cornrows.

But not all Philly cops bought that argument.

It’s absolutely discriminatory,” a fellow officer told the Philadelphia Daily News. “Strain’s hair was neat. It was above his collar. It’s not like he shaved a Nazi sign or something anti-black or anti-Hispanic on his head.

“It’s just cornrows,” the cop added. “I don’t know what the problem is.”

Personally, I feel as though anyone could wear their hair braided if that’s what they like, but on some jobs it lacks professionalism, otherwise who’s tell you how to wear your hair, I think it looks very nice,and I especially like the fact that it is a white man who is choosing to express himself through a traditional African American hairstyle.
In light of the recently released movie on black Americans low self esteem and hatred of their natural, strong , kinky, African hair, ”Good Hair”, it is a pleasure to see a white man showing us some respect like this, and a police officer as well. I still remember how much I liked Bo Derek in the movie ”10” sporting the style, and how much of an impact she had on popularising the style with a generation of white Americans.
Black women just hated on Bo Derek, and felt as if this was just another example of cultural rape, which has happened to all of the African American’s music, dances, styles, and slang.
They can not steal our ”flavor”.
I do not use the term reverse racism, because it presents racism as something that is endemic only to black people, but the reality of it, is that racism can happen to any human being,  for any unequal treatment and selective enforcement of the rules. All the rules that govern employees of any organization should apply to everyone in that organization, on an equal and fair basis.
If not, then the policies should be deemed discriminatory, and unreliable.
Comment, and let me know how you feel about this.
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Bo Braids Caused A Stir

Bo Braids Caused A Stir

2 Responses to “If a White Philly Police Officer Can Not Wear Cornrows, Then Blacks Should Not Wear Weaves”

  1. This absolutely sucks… it is racism

    • I agree with you…it is a silly form of racism!I say let him wear his hair in the style theater he chooses,as long as he is a good officer, what difference does it make.
      I actually feel that it would make him more approachable,it’s definitely a conversation starter, and if he likes it…I am all for it.
      Racism in any form sucks!

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