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Bill Cosby Set to Drop A Rap Album…Hip Hop Must Really Be Dead!!!

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     Hip Hop Is Dead…Cosby’s Killin it                                                          

Now I have heard it all.

Jello-O eating, young black America critiquing, philandering philanthropist, Dr Bill Cosby, who used to be a funny comedian, is actually being allowed to put out a rap album, a musical form that I am sure he totally respects.

I must be smokin’ and it must be some good-good, or HE is totally tripping and has way too much time and money on his hands. I mean, Bill Cosby seems like the last person that  would  try a stunt like this.

I understand that he is on a personal mission to chastise African American youth, as well as black parents, for terrorizing each other, and to complete their education, all that is cool.

What is ridiculous is his constant berating of black youth over the way they dress, as if anyone is taking fashion advice from the serial knit sweater wearer. I get his points, but his delivery will turn off those that would benefit the most from his mentorship. I know that if he were not a famous actor, and very wealthy from acting, no one would appreciate his lecturing, nor would we feel intimidated by his power to have to consider his advice at all, so his message is based on one’s admiration for his financial success telling  jokes.

Dr Cosby is an intelligent person, and he is aware that young black people are the last one’s to actually listen to him, they are pretty much insulted by him, so he needs a different delivery system.

That new system is a rap record that actually will serve as a Trojan horse for him to sneak his message into the hearts and minds of the youth. It is an attempt to fool the children in to listening to him.

That is why it will fail.

If anyone is buying rap tracks these days, are they buying novelty acts, I think not. I think as novelty as a buyer will want to risk is the rappers that try to sing through an album, i.e. Kanye West, and Andre 3000, but the Bill Cosby thing is a bootleg download at best.

What brother on the street is actually going to bump a Bill Cosby track in the hood…if you do, you will be labeled as a snitch.

The Cos had this to say about his special contribution to hip hop, other than to try to kill it…”I don’t like referring to the music as clean,” he said in a statement. “What I like is what you’re not going to do. You’re not going to curse. You’re not going to put women down. You’re not going to put the glory of the gun somewhere. And you’re not going to put a whole lot of violence up front like that’s the thing that will cleanse you and make you feel better.”

See what I am saying…to use a phrase as old as Bill Cosby himself….”Whack”.

Cosby will be working with Ultramagnetic MC’s Ced-Gee and William “Spaceman” Patterson. 

The album, which will discuss the importance of parenthood, education and self-respect, will features tracks such as “Where’s the Parade,” “Dad Behind the Glass,” and “Get on Your Job.” 

You can catch Bill Cosby and his band Cosnarati on October 19th in New York City.
Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency is set to be released on November 24th.

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