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Beautiful Songtress Leona Lewis Visciously Attacked At London Appearance

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X-Factor winner, singer, and international recording star Leona Lewis was viciously, and mecillesly attacked by a man who was in attendance at a book signing appearance by her at Waterstones bookstore in Piccadilly Circus in London, England.

She was attacked by the crazed fan while signing copies of her new book “Dreams”her autobiography, to be released next month — on Wednesday.

“We were called to Waterstones Piccadilly Circus at 4:35pm to reports of an assault. It appears that a male has slapped a female at the location,” a spokesman for Scotland Yard told the BBC News  this afternoon.

“He walked up there with the book, she signed it and as she looked up he just punched her,” an eyewitness told reporters.

“Suddenly the security all jumped on him and they were trying to pull him out and he was just laughing, he thought it was funny,” a second witness added.

Leona’s spokesman says the singer is  “understandably badly shaken” after the attack.

“Leona was a victim of an unprovoked attack this afternoon at her book singing,” the star’s rep said in a statement issued just moments ago. “The police were called immediately and medical attention has been sought. Leona’s understandably badly shaken and apologizes to the fans she was unable to meet and complete signings for.”

Leona was later seen crying as she left the store. Thankfully, Leona didn’t require any hospitalization.

Let’s wish her well, and let’s hope her management can provide her the level of security that this vibrant and vivacious singer of her stature and value to the music industry deserves.

I feel like my little sister got slapped in public, and I take that as a personal offense. I hope their team can serve her better in the future, so that Leona can feel safe while greeting her fans in public.

Dreams, the 24-year-old’s first book, includes dialogue about the singer’s life, as well as 100 new photographs taken by Dean Freeman.

Lewis’s debut album ‘Spirit’ has sold nearly five million copies around the world since it was released in 2007, and with her sold out concert’s worldwide, she has certainly made enough money for her record label for them to afford to hire her security that is proper and required for a young, feminine star, the likes of Leona Lewis.

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One Response to “Beautiful Songtress Leona Lewis Visciously Attacked At London Appearance”

  1. what a ridiculous jerk… that guy went after one of the sweetest, most likable entertainers out there

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