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STOP Thief….Rachel Campos-Duffy,Whoever She Is,Steals Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s Act and Spot on ”The View”

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Hurry back Elizabeth!

Today I witnessed a so-called guest host today on your own show ”The View” basically, rip-off your whole act, and try to out Hasselbeck, Hasselbeck!!!

What is even more disturbing is that this nobody Rachel Duffy, who has lost this position on the show multiple times in the past, dating back to Debbie Matenopolous, is trying to usurp Elisabeth Hasselbeck,…while she is on maternity leave!!!…and , even more of a low class act by Rachel , up until today’s desperate attempt to out neocon ”Old Ironside Elisabeth”,, her biggest success outside of her history making, aides discriminating appearance on the 3rd season of M.T.V.’s ”The Real World”, is a book about how women need to not work and have their own lives and careers, but should be pregnant, barefoot, and a breeder and bearer of children for men, and if you think anything else, it is because you are a sinner and party with the devil.

The name of the book is ”Stay Home And Stay Happy…10 Secrets To Loving At Motherhood.

Take her advice at your own peril, because she is trying to stab poor old Elizabeth in the back, in her third desperate attempt to escape the captivity of her Republican master husband and his kids he made her have, so she can have the career as a vibrant single lady,Not, that she so desperately has been trying to attain ever since her T and A role, as a cast member of the ”Real World”.

She is  sooo desperate, she did not miss this attempt to grovel for the Repub-neocons to berate, and misrepresent President Barack Obama, as is the policy of all the sycophants of the Republican party.

Thank God they sent a nobody, and never was to do this, rather than someone who has at least established some credibility, good or bad, with the national audience , like Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

At least she has consistency, and talent, and looks a thousand times better than this nobody stand in.

This is what she said about our great President…

Rachel Campos-Duffy — a former reality TV star turned blogger for Anderson Cooper’s AC 360 show, says she was shocked by Obama’s win. 

Campos-Duffy brings up Mother Teresa’s statement that there will not be world peace until we end abortion. “I think personally, for me, that it’s Obama’s radical abortion position that makes him the least qualified for the prize.”…

She is very desperate to get out of the house, that she is willing to say and do anything. Here is a quote from Wikipedia chronicling her desperate failed attempts at fame on the ”View”-

Campos-Duffy twice vied for a role on the daytime television talk show The View. After Debbie Matenopoulos left the show in 1999, Campos competed in an on-air try-out with Lisa Ling and Lauren Sanchez. Ling was eventually hired.[7] After Ling’s departure in 2002, Campos, who by then held her own “coffee talk” show with other Wisconsin housewives, again competed in a week-long on-air try-out, this time against Erin Hershey Presley and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck was hired…

Hmmm…Elizabeth better watch her back. Barbera must still be mad at those rumors you were trying to leave to go to Fox news, so you  could be a full-time on-air advocate and researcher for the Republican Party. We know they hired Glen Beck instead of you, and Barbera is insulted you would try to use her show as a launching pad for your political party goals.

Barbera is sending a message to you , with today’s appearance by the new bimbo for the Republican party, that you can be replaced.

Your act has been stolen  by this Rachel Duffy. Click on the links to see her rant against the president, and her page on Wikipedia.

Watch your back Elizabeth, the claws are coming out….

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