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Mya Scores perfect 1o’s From Judges Bruno and Carrie the Second Week in a Row

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I continue to be amazed by sultry singer Mya, and her transformation from a singer, into a versatile top dancer, model,vocalist, and, as she surprisingly exhibited in last night’s stunning and steamy hot performance of the ”Lambada”, she is also a talented choreographer to boot. Watch out Paula Abdul, Mya is in the building.

What can this woman not do!…I was like ”Whoa! when she appeared on stage with Dimitry, after having waited and watching the entire program last night, and getting the opportunity to view the spectacular talented competition that she is up against.

I am glad I did that, because I want to make an intelligent, non-emotional decision, as to who I support and vote for, on this season’s show. After all, I want to be fair. The future of entertainment is at stake.

With that, let me just say that the competition she is getting from the supermodel, Joanna Krupa and partner Derek Hough, who for the fourth straight week reminded all in the audience that he has the best job in the world, getting paid to practice, choreograph, and touch Joanna Krupa, as if he needed to remind us all.

We get it Derick, you like her, and so do we. After that steamy, slinky, sexy and hot ‘Lambada” performance you and your partner did, I almost wished that I were you, or could be you at that moment.

It definitely worked for me, as I see it did for you as well. Good job man, you never let us guys down.

If I were Mya, I might be a bit concerned about Kelly Osbourne. I see her as a definite top contender, because she is growing up, blossoming into a lady, right before our eyes. Too bad she has to be convinced that she is sexy and cute, because she is.

I like this version of Kelly Osbourne more than the tomboy, hardcore, mad Kelly. I mean, I always liked the show on M.T.V. with Ozzy, because Ozzy is Ozzy, but this dancing competition has allowed Kelly to show us what Kelly is about.No amount of nepotism can help her here, and she does not at all need it.

She is the one I hope blows up from this, as well as Mya.

Even with my positive observations with her competition, I have to ride for Mya! She is the one.

The best part of this series is the behind the scenes teasers that the producers put together. It showed Mya and Dimitry thinking and strategizing the effects of their chosen choreography on the judges, especially old stick in the mud Len. She was cute, but firm, about her thoughts on simplifying the dances, to please the judges, and Dimitry showed a little resistance.

In the end, their collaboration was hot, and effective, as the costumes, my gosh, the costumes, and make-up on Mya, and the glistening glow from her incredible legs was a vision only topped by my imagination.

Their combined scores for the lambda on week 4 was 28.

If you feel the same way for Mya, as I do, call in today and vote for her. If we all do, we can see this vision of talent and beauty, that is Mya, compete for another week on ”Dancing With The Stars”.

Like Whoa!!!

Here is a link to Mya’s ”My Love Is Like Whoa”, from her album from 2003-

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