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Lone Republican Olympia Snowe Votes For Americans Good Health, And Not the GOP Dictated Party Line

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A true patriot , Republican Olympia Snowe of Maine, stood up today in support of the future of the American people, and voted in favor of the Healthcare reform bill, that all real American’s are hoping for.

In doing so, she has pitted herself against directly against the wealthy elitist that want to maintain our failed healthcare system, that they all undoubtedly gain a tremendous amount of financial kickbacks, and backdoor illegal campaign donations, at the peril of the majority of our citizens health.

Thank God for allowing there to be at least one critical thinker in the G.O.P.

Today Olympia Snowe put her career, backed by her fellow jingoistic neocons, in jeopardy, in order for the American citizens to have the possibility of seeking proper healthcare.

I feel the need to campaign for her, as I am impressed by her integrity. The terrorist arm of the GOP has led me to believe that such a Patriot does not exist in that party, and I am realistic enough to realize that sooner or later, they may regain some power.

Let us hope that the war that is being waged within the ranks of the Republican party will take  the lead from Olympia Snowe, and follow her  to a higher mental plateau, not wallow in the bigoted muddy waters with the likes of those Fox News and Conservative talk show seditionist.

“When history calls, history calls,” she said in announcing her plans after a long recitation of the problems confronting the American healthcare system, including rising costs and the swelling ranks of the uninsured.

Snowe cautioned that she reserves the right to vote against a healthcare bill when it reaches the Senate floor, likely later this month. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is working to combine the Finance Committee bill with a more liberal bill developed by the Senate Health Committee.

“My vote today is my vote today,” Snowe said. “It doesn’t foretell what my vote will be tomorrow.”

I encourage all my readers to e-mail a letter of support and thanks to Mrs Snowe, and encourage her to continue to follow this path to pass Health care reform.

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