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Let Rush Limbaugh Buy the St.Louis Rams, So We Can See If An All White Team Can Compete in the Multi-Cultural World of the N.F.L.

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The de-facto leader of the GOP, entertainer Rush Limbaugh, wants to buy the St.Louis Rams professional football team and become an owner in the N.F.L. Rush apparently sees a great marketing opportunity here, to try and field a majority white professional football team, with a couple of non-agressive black players who will stay, so he can be seen as not a racist. He currently employs African-Americans to help produce his show, and I am pretty sure he deems his race baiting as just a business move.

I have always looked at Rush, as the bigoted conservatives P.T. Barnum. He is the polar opposite of Reverend Al Sharpton, except his supporters are much less educated. They disdain education.

I see where Rush is going here.

 He wants to provide something that is currently missing in the N.F.L., and that is a healthy dose of bigotry. If you remember the way professional basketball team the Boston Celtics were portrayed as an all white avenger in the Larry Bird days of yore, destined to thwart and defeat all African American villain challengers, like Magic Johnson from the mongrel LA  Lakers, and restore the sport to its proper perspective before blacks were allowed to infiltrate the league in the 50’s. Much like the KKK was portrayed in the classic movie,” The Birth of a Nation”.

Professional football needs progressive thinkers, and cutting edge marketeers, the likes of Rush Limbaugh. He will be a great slave owner, and shows the possibility to be a talented slave master.Any over paid black athlete should be proud to just be considered big enough bucks to be Rush Limbaugh’s new Mandingo’s, let alone ”Drum”.

Just ask the black people who work for him now. I bet they just love them some Rush Limbaugh.

I know Reverend Al Sharpton is calling for some action against this, but I say, let him. Maybe bigotry is a growth industry in football, as well as in America.

If he is succesful in buying this team,then I say all African American players should abandon their teams, as well as the coaches and staffs, all black people should no longer play or watch the sport ever again,…

or we need to buy several teams and sports networks, and never allow ourselves to be in a position to have to beg and ask any capitalist not to do something evil with their money, that a lot of us tend to enjoy to watch and play.

We have been used and abused at all levels of college and pro football for too long, and we should not be surprised that the NFL would not prevent a fellow bigot like Rush Limbaugh to buy into their ranks.

We just need to not consume what they are selling.

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One Response to “Let Rush Limbaugh Buy the St.Louis Rams, So We Can See If An All White Team Can Compete in the Multi-Cultural World of the N.F.L.”

  1. Rush to judgment

    Poor Rush.

    Barred from the Football Owner’s Guild of America.

    Can you believe it?

    Bunch of commie, socialistic Nazis. That’s who they really are.

    Not allowing Rush to join the club!

    What has happened to the America Glen, Rush and Sarah love?

    I knew things were bad but to bar a guy from part ownership of the second worst team in professional football just because he has thirteen chins is just not nice.

    So I turn on the TV to pass the time of day and there are Martians in a UFO over Colorado and the cameras are following it inch by inch.

    Aside: They are also broadcasting The Wizard of Oz nightly to commemorate its cinematic birth some year in the long ago and the little knowledge we have is that a child, either Judy Garland or Mickey Rooney is somewhere inside the UFO. Ray Bolger and Frank Morgan are nearby playing the watching and waiting game.


    The Martians land; they are invisible and swiftly disappear. The child is elsewhere.

    Elsewhere turns out to be the attic of his house.

    He will probably become the investor to be named later as they say in the sports biz and replace Rush in the rush to buy the St. Louis professional football team.

    He probably has fewer chins.

    Poor Rush.

    Deep down inside my pancreatic Isles of Langerhans, I believe Rush will implode from the thought of people laughing at him and his Don Quixote-like quest for the ownership round table.

    People laughing at him.

    Rush Limbaugh. Him.

    I don’t think he can take it.

    He laughed at Obama for going to Copenhagen and returning without the Olympics.

    He laughed at Obama for getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

    He laughed at Obama for believing that out health care system needed reform. Something better than the good old American Healthcare System?


    Rush laughed and when thirteen chins laugh they really ooze good humor.

    Rush badly desires Obama to fail because in some pre-historic Cape Girardeau, Missouri biology class he learned, emphatically, a set-aside had been created for him to become a part owner of the future St. Louis professional football team.

    Anybody suggesting this was not in the Good Book (McGuffey’s Reader, 1836-1837 edition) would be prosecuted for treason and immediately transferred to our naval base at Guantanamo.

    As an active member of the Rush Limbaugh School of Research I immediately checked his draft status and learned that he had been classified 4-F (after women and children) as a result of an old football injury or a diagnosis of Pilonidal Disease.

    Pilonidal Disease, I am not kidding, is a chronic infection in the skin slightly above the crease between the buttocks. It may look like a dimple but the Pilonidal Cyst can be painful enough to make sitting or walking difficult.

    Poor Rush.

    Small wonder he had all those pain pills that he found in the streets of Palm Beach, Florida.

    Did Bernie Madoff, a sometime resident of the area, leave them there to entrap Poor Rush?

    This is quite possible per the precepts I learned at the Rush Limbaugh School of Research. (Chapter Three.)

    But what if Rush started his own football team? Think of it.

    The Cape Girardeau Ditto Heads with Rush at the helm. One second selling season tickets; the next playing quarterback a lot better than that other guy Donovan Whatever.

    Rush can do it.
    Stockholders would include Dick Cheney, Richard Nixon and George Washington at Valley Forge.

    Millions of Ditto Heads glued to their TVs to see the Master at his masterful best.

    Rush doesn’t need the NFL. Rush has Rush.

    What more could you want?

    And remember we’re watching your every move!

    Note: William Wayne Justice died yesterday. He was a Federal Judge who moved Texas from the 19th century to modern times. The judge was a liberal and a fighter and the kind of man we once treasured in America. I doubt if Rush would have liked him if their paths ever crossed.

    If I knew more about computers I would have the obituary readily available. Please check the obituary pages of major newspapers and learn about our country. It would be time better spent than watching UFOs. (Yeah, I watched also.)

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