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Historic Black College Hampton University Elects First White Miss Hampton U…Some Black Students Are Mad,Many Don’t Mind At All


Nikole Churchill First White Miss Hampton

Nikole Churchill First White Miss Hampton

 History has been made, as well as progression, by the crowning for the first time in their history,a non-black African American student, has won the title of Miss Hampton University. Hampton is a historically African American college, that is located in Virginia. Her name is Nikole Churchill,22, and she is originally from Hawaii, just like President Obama.

In a local television report, she said her father is from Guam and her mother is Italian. She is also, it should be noted, in good standing at the university academically and financially.

Since the crowning of Nikole last Friday, students, alumnae, and faculty have been divided as they have been engaged in a heated debate as to whether a non black African American student is qualified to represent the campus as their homecoming Queen.
Diasgranados, a student, said a noticeable number of students walked out of the pageant Friday night when Churchill was crowned, but that he was among the majority who stood and applauded. About 900 people attended the pageant in Ogden Hall on campus, Maye said.

Churchill was one of about 35 students who applied to compete in the pageant during the spring semester, and one of 10 selected to compete after turning in applications.

The main campus has 5,700 students. The Virginia Beach campus has 90, and is where Nikole attends school. There is a move underway to attempt to disqualify her, after the fact, because she does not attend the main campus, and answered a reporter’s question, this past Sunday.

Sounds like they are trying to get her on a technicality, or trumped up cause, which, ironically, is what usually happens to black people in competitions here in America.

I hardly ever agree with a neocon on most things, but, I do in this case agree with this simple statement from Sarah Palin regarding this matter…..A panel of judges selected her…

End of story. I say if she met all the stated requirements to enter the contest, and if she won in the eyes of the judges, then she is the winner.

Look at it as a progression in the history of the school. It is not a good look to complain about the legitimate winner of any award.

Just look at how embarrassing the Republicans looked this weekend as they try to complain and disrespect President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize win.

Don’t they look stupid and racist?….well so do you if you continue to deny the validity of this young women’s , your fellow students’, Homecoming queen win, and support her bid as she vies for the state’s crown of Ms Virginia.

Just think, if she wins, she could go on to be Miss America, Miss Universe, etc., and your college will receive a lot of positive press and attention, based on racial tolerance, which would serve you far better than any headline proclaiming your bigotry.

African Americans have fought for centuries against racism, and that has not been done so that our children could become racist to white people. That is not the answer, and is not the way.

We need to love one another, and celebrate our common humanity. Let’s not taint this win with the putrid stench of bigotry, not from us, or from anyone.

Here is a letter Nikole wrote to the president, urging him to come to her school, and to give a talk on racial tolerance…

Aloha Mr. Obama!

My name is Nikole Churchill, a senior nursing major at Hampton University. This past Friday October 9, 2009, I was honored to be crowned Miss Hampton University 2009-2010. It truly was the best night of my life! With that being said, I am sad to say that my crowning was not widely accepted and many negative comments regarding my win have been shared throughout my campus.

It would be much easier to say that possibly some were not accepting of the news because I wasn’t the most qualified contestant; however, the true reason for the disapproval was because of the color of my skin. I am not African American. Despite the unfortunate beliefs that some are saying I should not have won, I am desperately trying to focus on those who believe in me and support me and my goal to represent this beautiful, multicultural campus the very best way that I can. I would love your help!

I am hoping that perhaps you would be able to make an appearance to my campus, Hampton University, so that my fellow Hamptonians can stop focusing so much on the color of my skin and doubting my abilities to represent, but rather be proud of the changes our nation is making towards accepting diversity. People are even nicknaming me, “Lil Obama” because of various reasons. This is truly an honor as well!

I am also from Hawaii (Wahiawa) and I am hoping that you can assist me in opening some closed minds and help share some Aloha spirit throughout my campus. I feel as though you could relate to my situation, which is why I immediately wanted to contact you. I was interviewed last night at the HU vs. HU football game by news channel 13 and I mentioned how individuals such as you and myself are making changes in hopes people can stop placing so much focus on our skin color by letting that define what we can, cannot, should, and/or should not do. Dr. Harvey welcomed me last night to the family with open arms and I was beyond honored when he told me that he is behind me 100%. I am proud to represent Hampton University and I am so proud having you to represent our home, our country. Your support with my crowning as Miss Hampton University 2009-2010 would be graciously appreciated. Please reply, I will be looking forward to it!

-Nikole Churchill

There is no possibility in racism.,0,6521092.story

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