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Michael Jackson Estate Ripped Off Paul Ankas’ Song For Latest Single…Get Sued or Settle?….M.J. Would Pay!!!

T.M.Z. is reporting that Michael Jackson’s latest single ”This is It” is a direct rip-off of a Paul Anka song. John Branca, the special administrator for Michael Jackson‘s estate tells TMZ Paul Anka is right — “This Is It” was not written by MJ alone, it was co-written with Paul Anka”…
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Branca and his people are negotiating a settlement with Paul Anka’s lawyer.

Branca tells TMZ, “We acknowledge that Michael and Paul wrote this song together.”

As we first reported, the other special administrator, John McClain, told Anka “We’ll give you whatever you want, whatever it takes we’ll do the right thing.”

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People need to realize, once and for all, as illustrated by this case, that copyright infringement is bad for business.

If you are caught stealing a fellow artist work, then the best thing for your business is to ”pay” whatever the correct percentage is for the contribution of the plagiarised work, and partner up with the artist that you tried to steal from,…and everyone can get paid, and participate in a positive way, in the promotion of the production…

I am sure this was an innocent mix-up, due to the death of M.J.because he was always fair, and a strong advocate for fellow artist and entertainers, especially when it came down to intellectual property rights.

In my career, I have had an intimate confrontation with protecting and maintaining a fellow artist and entertainer’s copyright to his original works.As reported in the Random House, David A. Price book,” The Pixar Touch”, without my knowledge or consent, I am a strong advocate for artist copyright protection.

My efforts and discovery won this case, and protected a fellow artist copyright, from the infringement of a major corporation. Mouse’s Grateful Dead album covers are iconic, and have influenced the spirit of a lot of young artist out there, as well as me.

If I were their attorney, I would have told them to settle immediately, they got Jerry Brice investigating the case. Funny part about all of this, is that I wanted to keep it a secret, because it is embarrassing for the losers of the case, but somehow this book was released with all of my words in print, and I am not even mentioned as the author in the bibliography, just the index, unlike what he did for the idiot’s that Pixar/Disney hired…

Basically, if you settle for over a million dollars, you stole the work, but you did not hear that from me….lmao….you definetly read it here.

This case between M. J.’s estate and Paul Anka will go away, and let’s just hope that the executors and brilliant attorneys that are handling the estate, as well as the entire Sony music and film company, can be more thorough in the future. I want to see all of his children benefit from this, as well as Paul Ankas’.

For more information on Paul Anka, here is a link to Wikipedia, please support them…

More info on Plaigiarist, and the case I won, click here-

Guess Who This Is...

Guess Who This Is...

Guess who this is, and comment on this post,if possible. Remember…the truth is always stranger than fiction.

UPDATE…. Paul Anka gets Half, as he should….DISNEY/PIXAR…are you listening….lol.

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