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Sarah Palin Needs to Go Rogue and Disappear with Kanye West…for the Sake of America

 Sarah Palin Not a Leader...Just another Idiot

Sarah Palin Not a Leader...Just another Idiot

Kanye Can School Sarah Somewhere

Kanye Can School Sarah Somewhere

Sarah Palin not only hates Bullwinkle, but she also hates freedom,civil rights, and justice for all, making her a front runner for the GOP’s 2012 Presidential ticket. Her platform for America, will be the same as it has been, and that is to restore America back to the good old days before any Civil Rights Legislation, and pre-civil war policies for America.

She is a known bigot, and has agreed with anti-American sentiment, and has shown contempt for inner city urban America.

She needs to go away on a retreat and disappear with Kanye West, and try to stay away from those death panels she created in her head. Here is a quote from the AP…

…Governor Palin would be catastrophic for America.

The former Alaska governor in has been called unqualified by everyone on the left and was thrown under the bus by some on the right immediately after her former running mate, Arizona Senator John McCain lost. Now, even McCain’s top strategist is speaking out against her.

Steve Schmidt, McCain’s top political strategist, said that a potential presidential run in 2012 from Sarah Palin would be “catastrophic.”

The exact quote,according to CNN , was, “I think that she has talents, but my honest view is that she would not be a winning candidate,” Schmidt said. “In fact, if she were to be the nominee, we would have a catastrophic election result.”…

She has the same form of  Tourette’s syndrome that Kanye West is afflicted with. They both do not know when to stay quiet, and the both of them say very stupid things, as in the following Sarah Palin quote…

“we’re ignoring the looming crisis caused by our dependence on foreign oil,” arguing that America will be at foreign powers’ “mercy if they decide to dump the dollar as their trade currency.”…

….”and I can see Alaska from my porch”…

Well, obviously she would hate having peaceful relationship’s with the international citizens of the world. Just what we need to get out of a financial disaster, more isolationism….

Unfortunetly for us, some of the more weak-minded ”real Americans” love to agree with her foolishness…

The former Alaska governor, already popular among grass-roots Republicans, is growing in credibility. Her much-criticized decision to resign the governorship is beginning to look like a move that made perfect sense — not just for herself but for Alaskans — in the face of the long knives the Democrats had ready for her as a sitting chief executive.

Palin is becoming a bold, principled voice on issues ranging from the global war on terror to financial markets. “Now is not the time for cold feet, second thoughts, or indecision,” she said regarding White House skittishness on Afghanistan.

McCain says he still has great affection for the former Alaska governor, and that McCain says tensions are to be expected among campaign officials during and after a tough election.

Let’s stop Sarah from destroying our peace and freedom in our country.Keep her away from power, and let’s exile her to the same island that Kanye West has retreated to.

Maybe he can help give her a more realistic, life affirming message, and stop her from playing out her plot to destroy America, with the assistance of the Republican party.

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