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Neocon Republican Terrorist Politicians Boycott the last day of the President’s Cup Golf Tournament in Protest of the President’s Nobel Peace Prize Win 2009

Neocons Are Crazy...Lets Play Golf for the Presidents Cup

Neocons Are Crazy...Let's Play Golf for the Presidents Cup

Stockholm Syndrome sufferer Republican National Committee head Michael Steele is bristling with outrage, saying in a letter that Obama won the prize “for his awesomeness.”

He goes on to insinuate that now that a black man, like himself has won the award, it is obviously tarnished by our blackness, and thus insignificant…much like his lack of power as the head ”lawn jockey” for his neocon Republican slave masters. You see, Steele chooses to go this route of a Judas, because he is convinced that black people will be returned to captivity, and he wants to be the head house slave, so he can harass and abuse the other African-American captives.

Steele goes on to say…It shows “how meaningless a once honorable and respected award has become,” he wrote, asking for contributions of $25 to $1,000 for the RNC.

No, I say this statement shows how afraid Steel is of his ow n freedom. It is reminiscent of the fact that Sojourner Truth had to force many house slaves into freedom, at the end of a  shotgun!

The Michael Steele styled house slaves could not imagine voluntarily abandoning their beloved Master’s whip, to journey into the unknown world of freedom, manhood, family, and civil rights.

She also had to put some out of their misery, unfortunately.

Unsubstantiated rumors are swirling around the internet, that the Republicans’ asked their pro golfing supporters to boycott today’s last round of golf, at the international President’s Cup, where the American team, led by African American Tiger Woods challenges an international group of superpower golfers, in protest of African American President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace prize win, because they are upset that the citizens of the world do not hate him, and freedom, as much as they do.

I personally witnessed the front line of the Republican party spending their time today vilifying the President, and denigrating all citizens of the world that support the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize on the Sunday morning news talk shows, instead of attending and representing the United States proudly at the President’s golf tournament.

They truly hate America, and their actions need to be investigated by the Department of Justice, for encouraging anti- American acts. I do believe it is still against our laws, African American president, or not.

Do not let it get past you that the Republicans equate all black people, as the same. It is not a coincidence that the boycott for this President’s golf tournament is because they equate Tiger Woods as just another black guy, like President Obama. That’s why they captured Michael Steele and make him act like their real life lawn jockey, because they think that African Americans will follow any old African American, even if it is to our demise, rather than acknowledge that we are diverse and dynamic thinkers, and individuals. It is to our benefit to shun Michael Steele, and make sure you open carry at his events, the same way he and his ilk have encouraged their fellow weak minded bigots to do to our young, internationally acclaimed, President Barack Obama.

They are truly a disgrace to the American people.

I am insulted, and embarrassed for the Republicans, and applaud the Pro golf association for not going along with this level of bad sportsmanship on the Republican’s part.

Good luck America, and bring the Presidents cup home!

Read about the tournament here, by clicking this link-

One Response to “Neocon Republican Terrorist Politicians Boycott the last day of the President’s Cup Golf Tournament in Protest of the President’s Nobel Peace Prize Win 2009”

  1. I couldn’t believe the fact that Rush and company spent a whole day playing a clip of a black woman showing up in Detroit for “Obama Money”… okay, she was not well informed, but they played the clip over and over and over making comments like, “see how people are” and stuff… they should be so ashamed. Rush Limbaugh wants to buy the Rams… Ha ha!!! He will be SO denied!

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