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Gloria Allred Warns David Letterman Against Workplace Sex With Subordinates…In Front of ‘HOOTER’S’!?!

Gloria Flashes Dave in Front of Hooters

Gloria Flashes Dave in Front of Hooters

Oh, the irony of it all.

Diva famed attorney Gloria Allred has written an open letter to David Letterman in the wake of the sexual scandal that continues to dog him. Her letter appears exclusively on Click on the link below to read this sanctimonious drivel on

I take the issue of sexual harassment very seriously. I am not one to make light of that, but I must remind all, including Mrs. Allred, that the main issue here is the criminal extortion of David Letterman, and not the  soon to be felons’ rationalization for it.

There is no excuse for murder,kidnapping, of extortion. I am appalled that a so-called advocate for justice, would promote the excuse for the crime, rather than the crime itself.

Why not take the professional high road like Drew Barrymore did on CBS friday morning, when asked about the incident with Dave. You had to know she did not want to get involved, and like a skilled actress she is, she gave this following great response…”She added, referring to The Late Show with David Letterman, “I’ve always had fun there. I feel, you know, it’s an unfortunate situation. I’m not one to comment on it, and I wish them the best, because that’s an unfortunate situation”…

Barrymore, who flashed the late night star during a 1995 appearance on his show, joked, “I hope I didn’t start anything by jumping on his desk!”

The totally ironic part of Gloria’s public protest here with this sign,targeting David Letterman, and designed to keep her in the news, is that if you look in the background, over her shoulder, you will see that she is standing directly in front of  ”HOOTERS”!!!

Really Gloria, …”Hooters”?Even more curious to me about the Gloria Allred” Hooters” picture, is that she chose to position her body and hold the sign up in the ever so popular and iconic ”Girls Gone Wild” breast flashing pose!!!

It looks like she is auditioning for a spot on the next ”Girls Gone Wild” video…

I suggest that Gloria needs to clarify her position on the sexual exploitation of women, because I am getting mixed messages from this obviously staged picture.Why she would deliberately choose to stage this in front of that bastion of women’s empowerment, ”Hooter’s”, and her deliberate ”Girls Gone Wild” pose, is beyond me. It almost looks like she is promoting those two entities, but I seriously doubt that.

Gloria, stick to what you do best, and that is harass and meddle in the personal family business of the Octo-mom, Nadya Suleman, but we all know that you can not handle her.

Drew Flashes Dave

Drew Flashes Dave

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