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Gay,Lesbian,Lady Gaga and Supporters Stage the National Equality March in Washington,D.C. Today

Gaga set for National Equality March

Gaga set for National Equality March

National Equality Gay Rights March

National Equality Gay Rights March

The National Equality March, gay rights supporters from across the country will gather to encourage Congress to pass federal equal protection laws, event organizers said. Many gay rights advocates have criticized President Barack Obama for not moving faster to keep his campaign promises to extend gay rights, and Congress has also drawn flak for not doing more. President Obama spoke Saturday at a dinner hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay rights group.

He has reaffirmed his campaign pledge to force the military to drop the …”Don’t ask, Don’t tell”… outdated policy towards gay men and women in their ranks. It forces a person who would rather live their life out of the closet, back into the closet, as if that will make them go away.

Not all supporters of gay rights support this weekends events.

 Rep. Barney Frank, an openly gay member of Congress, says he’d rather see gay rights supporters lobbying their elected officials than marching in Washington this weekend, calling the demonstration “a waste of time at best.”

Frank said in an interview with The Associated Press that he considers such demonstrations to be “an emotional release” that does little to pressure Congress.

“The only thing they’re going to be putting pressure on is the grass,” the Massachusetts Democrat said Friday.

This weekend’s activities in Washington probably won’t have much impact with lawmakers, Frank said, because most of them are back in their states or districts for the Columbus Day holiday weekend.

Frank’s comments underscore divisions in the gay community over the pace of progress on civil rights.

March organizers have said they’re no longer willing to quietly wait for Democratic office holders to make good on decades-old promises. They contend that lawmakers’ actions should catch up to the growing acceptance of gay relationships.

I hope they are correct. My views on this issue is that I have no right to determine what another grown human being chooses to love. The fact that I am not gay, if all were equal, should disallow me from voting on any policy that will affect the lives of gay citizens. I think as long as no one get’s hurt, let all grown people marry whoever they want to.

I just want to make sure that the whole marriage package goes along with that right, meaning ”Gay Divorce” if it comes down to that, as it commonly occurs in heterosexual marriages.

The fact that we are a nation that seemingly separates church from state, and the fact that we have more than one religion in America,i.e. religous freedom, it is impossible to apply only one religions ethics to control the free will of the citizens of our nation, in a fair and equal way.

It is also bad or the business of America, it makes us look antiquated, which the neocon Republicans are happy with, but not the peace loving freedom fighting American people, in the urban centers, as well as the rural, desolate countryside.

Once we dispense of this ridiculous dictatorial rule over the lives of gay citizens, then we can move on ending the decades long filibuster over Abortion/Women’s health rights, that men want to govern.

Lady Gaga is set to attend this historic event.

Here is coverage on the event from the Associated Press-

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