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Soulja Boy Arrested Running Away From the Cops…Calls Publicist? Not A Gangsta’!

Returned For Ranger Rover

Returned For Ranger Rover

My little baby cousin’s favorite rap ring tone artist, Soulja Boy, was arrested Thursday, for stupidly running away from the cops, for no reason, other than to show off and front. What is even dumber than that, the youngster was arrested because he returned to the spot to retrieve his….Range Rover parked in front of the house!?!

Seem’s like while running away acting, and clowning like he is some sort of ”Dope Boy” or street hustler,…or whatever fantasy he is trying to live out, he remembered that he is Soulja Boy , is rich, and he is a famous entertainer!…

…brother, that’s why you own the Range Rover, and your boys were riding with you.

Stay in school Soulja Boy, and just know, your boys will drag you down, I mean, if my friend is Soulja Boy, then if I am true, then I would keep you away from trouble, especially this kind of nonesense.You make too much money to be acting like this, that’s why you called your publicist. You got one!

They will win if you let them drag you down. It’s an act of loyalty and friendship to cut ties and step it up, so your people can see an example of how to act.The route you are taking, to continue to hang in the streets’ so you boys can see you keeping it real, has always failed young black entertainers. Look it up, the list is long.

Here is a quote from a report from the Associated Press…

McDONOUGH, Ga. — Police say rapper Soulja Boy was charged with obstruction after telling officers that people gathered at an abandoned Georgia house were shooting a music video.

Henry County Police Capt. Jason Bolton said Friday that when officers arrived Wednesday night to investigate complaints, almost half of the 40 people assembled fled by foot. Later, a man identified as DeAndre Cortez Way, Soulja Boy’s real name, returned and said the group was shooting a video.

The 19-year-old was charged with obstruction and bonded out of the Henry County jail on Thursday. A telephone call to his publicist was not immediately returned….

I hope he understands that he is not actually a gangster or a thug, or a pimp, even if he earns millions and millions of dollars from it, and continue to sell millions of his little ring tone dance raps.Do not get caught up like all too many rap entertainers seem to do, from time to time.

My little baby cousins would be very disappointed if you stopped making their favorite dance tracks.Kids love you Soulja Boy.

Here’s the article on TMZ…

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