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News Flash…Michele Obama is a Descendant of Slaves Just Like a Lot of African-Americans

Michele is No Slave

Michele is No Slave

The media is reporting today, that first lady Michele Obama is a descendant of former slaves. With this revelation, it is confirmed that …Michele Obama definitely is an American.

The birthers can now go back to harassing the President on the validity of his citizenship.

I do not mean to make light of this, but it amazes me to read headlines trumpeting the obvious fact that she is the progeny of slaves. I think the agenda here is to highlight the word ”slave”, just to remind African-American’s that ultimately, no matter what we do, we will always be looked upon as former slaves. We also must realize that our current role models, are basically slaves.

In the city where I live, the racial divide is very broad, and I make sure to cross it as much as possible.During my 6 hour wait at the Registrar of voters to elect President Obama, I overheard my white fellow voters proclaim that Obama is…just a monkey dressed up in a suit…

I  know that this message will be received differently based on our racial divide, but ,…why do we need to know that she came from slaves, and her ancestor was raped by her slave owner, probably as a preteen. I am not surprised by this information, but more impressed that they could find out a slaves family history.

My family has a hard time going back even 3 generations of history, and I currently have people on my ”Friends list” that have my same last name, and live in a part of the country that we know we are from. We would like to know if we ae related, or not. It kind of matters, but most black Americans have adjusted.

I am glad Michele Obama has this history to marvel at. Slaves had to be strong to survive our captivity, and rest assured, the one’s that survived were the strongest humans on the planet earth.

That is why they are afraid of us coming to power. I guess they just wanted to remind of us of our ”proper” place in this biased society.

2 Responses to “News Flash…Michele Obama is a Descendant of Slaves Just Like a Lot of African-Americans”

  1. how is that surprising?

    Don’t most african americans have white blood in them?

    I am not really surprised at all

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