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Mya is Phenominal On Dancing With the Stars

Maya Can Dance!

I have to admit that I have not paid much attention to ”Dancing With the Stars” since Laila Ali was competing on the show, until I found out that Macy Gray would be on it, this current season. Unfortunetly, Macy was voted off in the first elimination, and I was going to boycott the show, because I am a Macy Gray supporter, as much as possible. Macy has done a lot of great things for our mutual friends and associates, and she even hired one of my former students to work for her. I will be forever in her debt.

Now, I did not boycott the show, because I witnessed Mya perform some very entertaining, tremendous dance skills,and she still looks like Mya, except a more mature confident grown-up version that is working for me. Mya is a serious old school entertainer, in the tradition of Ann Margaret ,Shirley MacLaine, and the timeless Lola Falana. She is a skillful dancer and entertainer, and I have seen her tap dance skills in one of her videos.

Get this girl in a Broadway musical please!

Take it from me, the producers of ”Dancing…” have thought about the entertainment value of their show, and have made it a worthwhile sixty-minutes of my time, and I am with that.

Vote for Mya, and watch the show to confirm what I am recommending  here to you,is working for you.

Let me know your thought’s on Mya, and her performance in this competition.

More Mya Please

More Mya Please

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