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Rapper Shyne Not Released and May Be Deported

Shyne Needs Our Support

Shyne Needs Our Support

This is messed up. Shyne was set to be released from federal prison yesterday, October 6th, after spending close to 9 years in prison, on a gun charge.

Now, the government is holding up his release on a trumped up immigration status review, that may lead to his deportation from the United States. This is the same tactic they used to hound Slick Rick for years, after he was released from prison for his gun charge situation.

I call for the immediate and unconditional release of Moses aka Shyne, today, and if his status is not up to date, the 9 years in our prison and with a clean prison conduct record, he has paid his way into America. That is the first loose end that P. Diddy needs to, and should have handled. He must have access to the best legal minds in the business, I mean he is supposed to be the biggest baller in the game, from what I see.

Here is a link to an article on this matter-

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