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Help Find Jewel Strong-Missing Little Girl



Missing Jewel Strong

Missing Jewel Strong

Please take one minute to review the photo. She was about 2.5 years old in all pictures except the one with the bathing suit which was taken the day she went missing.


Jewel Mahavia Strong was last seen on Panama City Beach, Florida on May 28th 2006 (Memorial Day weekend). She is 3 years old (born April 14th, 2003) and was 3 years old when she disappeared from the kiddie pool area on the Jetty Beach in St. Andrews State Park. She was about 40 pounds at the time she went missing. Authorities concluded that she drowned even though they were unable to provide us with a body. We believe with all our heart and soul that Jewel is alive and that whoever has her is taking care of her BUT her rightful place is with her family.

Jewel was born on the Maternity Ward show so her birth was quite exciting on top of the excitement of a live birth. She started singing and dancing when she was 5 months old – yes! before she was even walking. NO JOKE! She held onto the wall and moved up and down and just sang her song. She still loves to sing and dance and she loves to talk, hug and give loving kisses. She goes by the nickname “Princess Girl”.

If you have any information about Jewel’s whereabouts please contact us below. We love you, appreciate you and THANK GOD FOR YOU!
Racharel Strong (father) – 404-357-1881
Simona Strong (mother) – 404-313-4255
Tiesa Locklear (aunt) – 678-234-4902
Tramesa Locklear (aunt) 678-480-1635
Ursala Williams (aunt) 678-362-5246

It’s been three years since this little girl has gone missing, and not much about her has been reported on in the mass media. I am posting this letter written by her father, in an effort to get the word out to more people, so that Jewel Strong is not forgotten. Let’s get this on the news….


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