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Today Is the Day, Rap Artist Shyne Gets Out To Play

Free to Shyne

Free to Shyne

Today, former Bad Boy recording artist Shyne— now known as Moses Levi is scheduled to be released from prison after nearly nine years of incarceration for his part in a shooting at a Manhattan night club in 1999, that involved Sean P-Diddy Combs and Jennifer Lopez.

In August, an order was signed by a Manhattan judge setting an October 6th release for the rapper, after serving eight years and some change of a 10-year sentence.

At the time, Shyne was just 21-year-old. He’s has grown up in prison, and is now 30. Shyne, sorry, Moses, converted to Judaism while in prison. It is not widely known, but is a fact, that there are millions upon millions of not only blacks in this faith, but also African, and Ethiopian’s dominate this faith in Africa. They just lack a lot of notice here in the western world, where we identify a different looking person as the dominant race that worship in this culture and religion. Maybe Moses, aka Shyne, can help shine some light on this little known fact,during his journey.

Here is a short video on the forgotten African believers of the Judiasm faith-

I wish Moses well. Let’s all wish him a future full of limitless possibilities. Mazal tov!

2 Responses to “Today Is the Day, Rap Artist Shyne Gets Out To Play”

  1. I’m glad he made it!! All praises Due to the MOST HIGH

    • I am with you Legend!! You know that this means that he did not take a deal….
      Plaxico got two years in the pen, compared to Moses aka Shyne’s 10, just to make a relevant comparison…

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