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More Jerry Brice ‘Pencilistics’….Unedited Sketchbook Art…Sketchinwatuhmsayin’..


Here are some typical pages from my 8 1/2 x11 inch laptop sketchbook pad.It functions as a visual diary of sort for me. These, as you will see, were done in a life drawing class, at the San Diego Zoo, as well as restaurants and spots throughout Southern Californiascan0016

30 second Sequential series of Gestures

crossed arms and legs

crossed arms and legs

30 second Gesture sketches

Zoo Koala Bear

Seaport Village Bayside

Zoo Sketchs

Koala In Zoo Enviroment

Zoo Tree Kangaroo Sequentials

Girrafe Gestures

Girrafe GesturesGirrafe Gestures

Girrafe Gestures

Girrafe Gestures




I limit myself to pencil and pen, and I keep the drawings small. Some are Sequential sessions, which look like animation thumbnail drawings, which is how an animator plans out an action.I emphasis the perspective at times, as well as I strive to have a clear indication of the weight distribution, and the gravitational forces.

Other than that, it is a great way to meet people, and to entertain your friends.

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