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H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Rationing-Will Black People Be Allowed To Have Acess To It,Or Will We Be Left To Die?

Will We Get The Shot Too?

Will We Get The Shot Too?

The media is reporting today the arrival of the H1N1 Swine flu vaccine .Word is out that the CDC, Center For Disease control, is doling it out based on a priority list. The list currently has children ,Supervisors of children,and health care workers at the top of the list to receive the nostril sniffed live virus vaccine this week, and all others will get the dead virus inoculations in the coming weeks and months, as they work their way down the prioritization list.

This sounds all good, but, I demand to see the list, and I want to know the resumes’ and background of the people making the list.

Why, do you ask?

Well, basically because I am suspicious of their actual agenda in the categories that drive the prioritization of this list. I am also wary of the past history the government has in germ warfare against the minority population, and poor, in our country, coupled with the irrational fervor behind the neocon’s problem with the healthcare reform bill, public option, that would provide affordable healthcare to all. Is their contempt for the health of those in need, based on the fact that they are hoping that a large number of us die from a pandemic disease, designed to kill as many of us as possible, as quickly possible, in an economic disaster, under the cover of the watch of the first African-American President.

Are any of them neocons, and haters of the President? If so,can we replace them immediately so that they can not carry out any possible plot. If the possibility exist, we need to exacerbate it immediately, so the people’s health and safety can be served. They may feel that they are serving the health and safety of our country, by protecting us from black president, leaders, and politicians. They are truly jingoistic, and they are throwing the name of god into the mix. That is why the open carry supporters are popping up.

Look at what happened to  black people and black politicians during reconstruction. The Jim Crow apartheid laws put a socially backed agenda into power that led to the death of many black people who dared to be politicians.

It would be the perfect storm for them to get away with just such an action. It is predictable that a great number of Black,Latin, and poor White people who dominate the Americans currently living below the poverty level, will not be able to afford the Swine Flu H1N1 vaccine. The recession has added to the diversity of the currently impoverished, but , I do not believe that the neocons would miss the opportunity to ”thin the herd” of the 12 percent of the black people who live in the States, if they can see a chance to get away with it.

I can only base my opinion on the actions of the neocons in the past.The goal is to never have another Barack Obama happen, by any means necessary.They truly hate being American ,now that our country has allowed a black man to be the leader of the free world. You might as well said that Jesus was black. They are not trying to hear this madness. That means that they have to get rid of the most likely supporters of the President, in the most efficient way.Our terrible Health care infrastructure here in the US, is well established, and like any good terrorist, they will use the weaknesses of our infrastructure to kill as many of us as possible.

All of this mayhem will be set-up under the supposed guise of ”Post-Racial America”  because we currently have a black President.

Rest assured, the infrastructure that created the Tuskegee Experiment that conducted a government sanctioned human subject health study on syphilis, unknown to the African-American test subjects, as well as the fact that the U.S. government had a policy to infect the Native Americans with European diseases, soaked in blankets that they donated to the natives, under the mask of a friend.

Look at the negative,hateful, racist rancor that greets any move by our President, and understand that all of this is designed to create the atmosphere to do mass destruction  of his supporters, our impoverished citizens, and ultimately our American freedom. I am confident that all races and political affiliations would be repulsed by this, if it were discovered to be under way now, but at the same time I know that some of our citizens would be more than happy for this to come to pass. That is a part of those freedoms we have, and these type of actions are always planned to be able to  withstand any legal action brought by the US justice system, as well as the U.N.

Do not allow this to happen, be on alert. These are just my reflections, that I have.I hope I am wrong…

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