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An Open Message To the White and Black Supporters Of President Obama That are Hesitant To Disagree with Him…

Loyalty to the President Should Not Be Sycophantic

Loyalty to the President Should Not Be Sycophantic

It is wonderful that we have an African-American President, but it is even better that we have a great country, where we have the ”possibility” of freedom and justice for all. Given that, I have noticed, and have been concerned with the jingoistic attitude from those that I agree with , humanistically, and politically. A lot of my people who support the President, are hesitant to disagree and voice that disagreement publicly, unlike what they readily did with President Bush, and all other Republican Presidents’.

There seem’s to be a need to preface an opposite point-of-view by stating the …”I am not a racist but”…disclaimer before voicing, what I have heard personally, political views that have absolutely nothing to do with race. Let us not treat this President any differently than any other president that won the office for our chosen political party, or not.

I support the President, but I am not a sycophant.

Do not be a sycophant, , for any reason…
We need to fight for what we believe our country … should attain, and not concentrate on tearing down one’s troubles.His issues, are coming directly from our enemies,and we need to focus on the agenda, and move past all issues of race and emotion, period.The goal is restoring our freedoms, and the vision of humanity and America, that was the passages in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that were deleted due to the fact that they would ruin the industries that depended on slave labor, i.e the cotton industry.The vision of conflicted Thomas Jefferson, and the political appeasement of John Adams was and is transformational,…but politics, money, power, and the want to ‘negotiate away our freedom for appeasement”doomed us to our current plight.
Let’s not make the same mistake now, for any reason….

We can only defeat the neocons only if we have a transformed, unrecognisable way of being at this moment in America. It is too simple, and too predictable to tow the parties line. That will be easy to defeat.

Be above it, and do what is right and just, not what is Republican or Democratic….

President Obama continues to have my support, and I will continue to voice my American opinion. You should too.

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