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Shroud of Turin Proven to be a Hoax to Cover-Up the True African Race of Jesus

Religous Racial Hoax Uncoverd

religious Racial Hoax uncovered

African Americans have been suspicious of the validity of the alledged image of Jesus Christ of Nazarene on the Shroud of Turin for centuries. It has always been believed that the shroud was the cloth that the crucified body of Jesus was wrapped  in after he was taken off the cross. The image shows a European looking man, with long stringy hair, that resembles the popular artist depiction of Jesus, that the shroud had actually inspired.

It is being reported today, that a scientist has been able to reproduce the technique used to create the image on the shroud, and has come to the findings that the Shroud of Turin is an ancient hoax.

My question is, if it is a hoax, what was the purpose of the church to perpetrate this hoax for centuries, and since it is a proven fake, are the church’s going to demand an illustrated representation of Jesus Christ, to be only inspired by the description of him given in the old and new Testaments.

I understand that several religions demand blind faith, and the very act of questioning the ‘traditionally accepted” race of Jesus, would be an act of heresy in most Christian church’s, even if they have the proof in front of them.

Here is a link to an illustration of Jesus, done by a forensic illustrator, that follows the description given of Jesus from the Bible, and takes into account the race of the people in Northern Africa, that is mistakenly refered to as the Middle East, which is just another example of the Jedi mind tricks that people just accept, without question.

Could it be that the powers that be do not want the Christian people of the world to relate to our God and savior, as a black man, that they would just prefer to continue to hate, and demean us.Some may see this as paranoia, but look at the racist, bigoted reception that is plaguing President Barack Obama currently. Haters do not want an educated, poised, in-control black man to be respected as a leader.

The lie that created the Shroud of Turin, is the same Shroud of racism and hatred that has destroyed the self esteem of black people, worldwide. If the church lied about this, then they are lying about other things as well. The acknowledgement of the true African race of Jesus, may give our people, and all people of the world a better opportunity to understand the true history of the African man, and might go a long way to end the failed tradition of hatred and unfair treatment of the African-American in the very Christian dominated United States of America.

Here is a link to a related article on this discovery-

3 Responses to “Shroud of Turin Proven to be a Hoax to Cover-Up the True African Race of Jesus”

  1. It doesn’t surprise me, but then, history is so full of lies to portray white anglo saxon protestants as something they’re not.

  2. The shroud has not been proven to be a hoax and there has been recent carbon 14 dating of the garment which lends validity to its history. There is no way anyone can know if it is Jesus’ or a burial garment from someone else. But it has been found to be approximaltely 2000 years old. Research it, it is so very interesting.

    • It definitely exist as a shroud, it’s just been proven not to be associated with Jesus Christ, the one that was killed by the jewish leaders for declaring himself to be the son of God.
      That image could not be the Jesus, in the Bible, because his genetic features in the shroud image, is not the race of Jesus, just the race that many in power want him to be.
      So, I agree…it is a shroud, there is an image, it is old,well…ancient…but it is not related to the ascension of Jesus Christ of Nazerene.

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