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President Obama’s Accomplishment’s Distorted By UnFunny S.N.L. Skit

S.N.L. Scared Away From President Obama

S.N.L. Scared Away From President Obama

I hate it when S.N.L. is first, not funny, and second, they produce a skit just to appease their detractors. Can you say ”weak”. I am guessing that a higher up at S.N.L. or N.B.C. is under the threat of a federal tax lien, or some sort of mayhem courtesy of some neocon group taking their orders from the Republican party fascist that are hell bent on destroying our country, and returning us to the days prior to civil rights.

Saturday Night Live started their show this past weekend with an unfair, and not- at- all- funny skit that misrepresents the accomplishments of our President. It demeans his great work in reconstructing our Union that was severely damaged by the oppressive bigoted, elitist rule of the Republicans. The people in the middle,like S.N.L. are the worst. They are inconsistent, and, like S.N.L. here, will change their support at the drop of a dime, when they think the winds may be changing.

The winds are changing with the low level of writing that is coming out of S.N.L. For better comedy,that you can count on, check in to over the internet. We are always consistent, and never scared.

Here is a fair point of view from a fellow blogger-–he-has-accomplished-too-much.html

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