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N.F.L. Player Braylon Edwards Knocks out Lebron James…friend.

LeBron Friend Assaulted

LeBron Friend Assaulted

In light of the tragedy that occurred this weekend to Kandhi Burris ex-fiance A.J., and the bar brawl, street fight that led to his death, I am disappointed to report on two more young brothers handling a civil disagreement with fisticuffs.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that a 28-year-old man accused Edwards of punching him in the face following an argument. The man said Edwards hit him with a closed fist. He said he suffered a black eye and cut and was treated at a hospital. The man was a close friend of Cleveland basketball star LeBron James. The assault was by Braylon Edwards, of the Cleveland Brown’s football team.

Let’s work to encourage and empower all of our brothers to handle any dispute in a calm, orderly, business manner, and only resort to violence in the name of self defense. If not, all we are accomplishing is to enrich the police departments, and the penal system that makes money off of our incarceration.

Think first, act second.
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2 Responses to “N.F.L. Player Braylon Edwards Knocks out Lebron James…friend.”

  1. At least it wasn’t gunplay…PEACE.

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