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Reality Check:Diahann Carroll’s 3rd Husband, Jet Editor Robert DeLeon,in 1977, Went Missing, and Found Dead In Same Rural Area of Malibu Canyon That Mitrice Richardson Is Missing

Lost In Malibu, 1977 Robert Deleon

Lost In Malibu, 1977 Robert Deleon

In March of 1977, Robert Deleon was found at the bottom of a canyon in Malibu, close to Topanga Canyon, in the wreckage of his totally destroyed Ferrari. He had been missing for several weeks, in this hilly forest in the countryside of Malibu, California.

This is the same place that Mitrice Richardson has gone missing , currently, after the Malibu sheriff callously and carelessly let her wander, by their own account against their advice, while suffering an apparent mental lapse, into the coyote infested, steep deadly cliff area, that awaits those walking around at night. This area is dangerous for these same reasons during the day, as well.

Diahann Carroll’s third husband was a Jet Magazine managing editor named Robert Deleon. They wed in May, 1975. They were still married when he was killed in a car accident on March 31, 1977. Deleon was reported to have been intoxicated when last seen alive, driving away into Malibu canyon.If you are not familiar with this part of Malibu, to get an idea of where Mitrice was left to fend for herself, look on the street views for this part of Malibu and Topanga Canyon on Google Maps, and Google Earth.

Deleon went missing there in1977 for over two weeks, even though helicopters and bloodhounds were used in the air, and on foot. There is not much reporting about Robert Deleon’s death on the internet, but I hope that the Mitrice Richardson debacle can be put into perspective, given the amount of time that this area has been known to be treacherous, in light of the disappearance of Diahann Carroll’s late husband Robert Deleon, and the circumstances that prevented him from being found sooner in this rural part of Malibu.

Why on earth would they let her walk into the forest alone at the dead of night, I can see they are busy defending their indefensible actions, to cover any legal liability, rather than manning-up, and admitting their callousness in this matter.

There is a little information on the death of Robert DeLeon-

Help find Mitrice Richardson.

11 Responses to “Reality Check:Diahann Carroll’s 3rd Husband, Jet Editor Robert DeLeon,in 1977, Went Missing, and Found Dead In Same Rural Area of Malibu Canyon That Mitrice Richardson Is Missing”

  1. This is really interesting, indeed. Thanks for the tip.

  2. […] is a really interesting observation from Jerry Brice’s Blog, also on WordPress. If true, it may take longer to find a body than we know, especially since Mitrice is not related to […]

  3. why was he in that canyon? how long was it before they found him? more importantly what did he die off?

    • He drove his car off the side of the road into the canyon,which was quite a fall.
      He died of wounds sustained in the crash into the canyons floor…
      It’s a well documented case, so drag his name into a Google search engine, and follow the links, it is all a public record now.
      Thanks for the comment!….

    • My Grandmother (His Only sister), Once told me that he was known for driving fast cars and on that night he was driving his ferrari and wrecked. (cause of death) His body wasn’t found until 2 weeks later. – Reports say. . . I’m his Nephew

  4. […] They offered to her that she could stay there through the night, and leave in the morning, when she was feeling better.Authorities at the Sherriff substation said she appeared rational, but the now 25-year-old suffers from bipolar disorder. Mitrice walked out the door in Malibu Canyon between 12:30 a.m. and 1:00 a.m,without her wallet,cell phone, ride or transportation in sight,…and has not been seen since.(SOURCE) […]

  5. You’re wrong about Robert DeLeon being missing for weeks after his fatal car crash. Check this Ebony interview w/Diahann Carroll: Also, he was in contact with other family members (of which I am one) as recently as a week prior to the crash.

  6. According to the book “Diahann!” which was published in ’86 or ’87….Diahann Carroll stated that Robert was drinking quite alot due to personal issues before his death. The night he died, he might have been drunk and couldn’t negotiate his turns properly. Whatever the case….Very sad for such smart young man to die so young.

    He had a young daughter named Monica. I pray she has recovered emotionally and is doing well.

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