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A.J’s Killer Locked-up!

AJ was beaten to death last night outside of the Atlanta gentleman’s club Body Tap which he was in the works to buy for $1 million. Apparently the business transaction was all finished on AJ’s side but the current owner had some grievances with the contract. The owner’s “friends” were involved in the fight…

Homicide detectives arrested the suspect, Frederick Richardson,
who has been charged with voluntary manslaughter, The Atlanta
Journal-Constitution reports.Richardson was hospitalized with injuries he received during in
the altercation, but will be jailed once he’s released by
medical staff.

AJs Killer Arrested

AJ's Killer Arrested

Burruss’ publicist Lisa Nelson told the Atlanta TV station that
Burruss, 33, a singer-songwriter who recorded with the band
Xscape and worked with TLC and Mariah Carey, was “stunned and
speechless” when told the news.

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