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Not One African-American on the F.B.I. Top 10 Most Wanted List



I had  this observation about the state of African -Americans in 2009, that I realised recently while I happened to be viewing the F.B.I.’s top 10 most wanted criminals list….there are NO AFRICAN-AMERICAN’S ON IT….

This is a source of pride for me, as there is a pervasive myth here in America, and portrayed in the mainstream media, that black men cause the majority of the crime in the states. The statistics have shown that black men are more likely than not to be stopped by a police officer.

So, either the constant and systematic over policing of the black man is the harassment that I expect it is, without an actual just cause, is working and we do not get an opportunity to do crime at the level of the races represented on the list, they are not getting away any crime, or …the black man is actually stereotyped and unfairly targeted by the neocon Republican police force that has replaced the whip and chains of the slave owners foreman, for the cages that the penal system houses our people in, while the races of the ”real” criminals and street thugs are everything but African-American.

The F.B.I. TOP 10 is proof of that.

Click on the link below, and see the list for yourself:

One Response to “Not One African-American on the F.B.I. Top 10 Most Wanted List”

  1. I am glad about it.

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