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Michael Jackson was for the most part healthy at the time of his death

The final autopsy results on the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, were revealed this past week, and the results were shocking to some for what was not found in his system. The autopsy reveals that Michael Jackson was an unusually healthy man for his age.They found no signs of illegal drugs in his system, nor did they find any signs of any drug abuse, at all.

The only drugs, other than some for pain, that were found in his system, was the Propofil that his doctor administered to him in a lethal dose, that killed him.The death of Michael Jackson has been ruled a homicide.

In light of the scientific evidence,and the police investigation, it is clear that he was not a sad, lonely drug addict, and he definitely was not a child molester, so the medias pilloriing and constant harassment of this great african-american musical genius, was wholly unsubstantiated and untrue, unlike the evidence pointing to his murder, that is real.

The doctor administered a hot shot to Michael Jackson, and any relationship that they may have developed leading up to the day of his murder, was just a ploy by the doctor, and whoever hired him to kill Michael Jackson, to get close enough to him to pull this off, and possibly get away with as little as a misdemeanor charge. It smells like a conspiracy to me.

The evidence demands whatever level of charge that a murder-homicide of this pre-meditated nature, would normally receive, and I call for the mainstream media to use its power to smear a persons good name, to sensationalize their character assination  fantasies, to at least  have the decency to repair the damage that they have done to a good man’s reputation, and to leave his children alone.

Michael Jackson Autopsy Healthy

Michael Jackson Autopsy Healthy

2 Responses to “Michael Jackson was for the most part healthy at the time of his death”

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  2. In late 1996, Jackson remarried, to nurse Debbie Rowe; over the next two years, the couple had two children, son Prince Michael Jackson
    , Jr. and daughter Paris Michael
    Katherine Jackson. However, Jackson and Rowe divorced in late 1999. In 2001, Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and later held a massive concert at Madison Square Garden celebrating the 30th anniversary of his first solo record. Among many other celebrity guests, the show featured the first on-stage reunion of the Jackson since the Victory tour. In the wake of September 11, Jackson put together an all-star charity benefit single, “What More Can I Give.” His new album, Invincible, was released late in the year, marking the first time he’d issued a collection of entirely new material since Dangerous; it found him working heavily with urban soul production wizard Rodney Jerkins. Invincible debuted at number one and quickly went double platinum; however, its initial singles, “You Rock My World” and “Butterflies,” had rather disappointing showings on the charts, with the latter not even reaching the Top Ten. To compound matters, the expensive “What More Can I Give” single and video were canceled by Sony when executive producer Marc Schaffel was revealed to work in pornography. Jackson’s
    camp tried to distance the singer from Schaffel, and the various corporations that were attached to it (McDonalds, Sony) claimed they had minimal involvement if any with the song. Sony and Jackson began a press war in the summer of 2002, starting with Jackson’s
    claims that the label asked for 200 million dollars to pay them back for marketing costs. Although they had spent 55 million on his disappointing comeback, Sony released a statement saying that no such request had ever been made. Jackson stewed for a few weeks before launching a press attack on Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola, calling him “devilish” and making claims that he used racist language and held down black artists. Many Sony artists, including Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin, defended Mottola, but Jackson and his family maintained that racism ended their professional relationship.

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