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Lisa Raye Dating Reverend Al Sharpton

Believe it or not, Reverend Al Sharpton is dating beautiful actress and recently divorced model, Lisa Raye!!! Needless to say, each and every one of her many male fans are totally shocked and stunned. Had we known it was like that, then we all would have tried to take a shot at her.

Usually, I would not hate on another man’s good fortune, in fact, I am quite impressed by the Reverend on this one, except for this one little fact,…African American preachers always claim to be spiritually advising someone, or even more felonious some practice marriage counseling, and typically end up hooking-up with the couples wife, obviously in a weak moment, making the situation worse.

I hate to be like that but I have seen it happen multiple times from several different preachers over the years. I remember one of my good childhood friends who I had to bail out of jail,after he knocked out a preacher at his wife’s church after they had participated in marriage counseling with the minister. I never want to advocate physical violence, but I could understand his anger.

I hope these two are happy, but rest assured that there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing masquerading as preachers, and spiritual advisors, when it is really just another way for them to hook up with the honeys.

I am sure that is not what Reverend Al was doing here with Lisa Raye.

Lisa Raye Dating Rev. Al Sharpton

Lisa Raye Dating Rev. Al Sharpton

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