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8 Day Old Baby Raped And Murdered By Her 18 Year Old Father

Baby Rapist and Killer

Baby Rapist and Killer

An Arkansas new born 8 day old baby has been raped and murdered by her 18-year-old father. The baby was penetrated, and her skull was smashed into pieces while her father was brutalizing her. He has been arrested and is awaiting his day in court.
Let’s all pray for swift and effective justice here, and hope that there will be some final justice awaiting this killer father, from his fellow prisoners.
I am quite certain that the inmates of the Arkansas penal system will not tolerate the presence of a baby rapist and killer in their midst.
I hope they do not let us all down.

If his parents had any traditional honor left from their African-American ancestors, they would not allow the judicial system to handle this atrocity, but they would administer the only proper justice available here, by their own hand.They disrespect their ancestors by allowing their relative to continue breathing even one day after he committed this heinous crime on the youngest member of their family.

We used to be a honorable people, and I do not know what happened, but it is disgraceful.

He may seek forgiveness when he personally answers to God, in person.

15 Responses to “8 Day Old Baby Raped And Murdered By Her 18 Year Old Father”

  1. This is one sick boy…sick is not even how you could began to describe such a thing like this. This sick-O needs to pay and WILL, hopefully in prison by his fellow inmates. This baby killer does not need an easy way out, but a hard, suffering way. There is no reason for what he done and he will be served justice one way or the other!

  2. Wow, I first saw this story this morning and I live in Arkansas. This is absolutely ridiculous. The torture that some children endure is heart and gut wrenching. He deserves to be sodomized and raped and beaten daily. I hope he dies a long painful death of torture.

  3. There are far worse things than death. I suggest the prison system torture the asshole, just like the military does to terrorists. I just feel sorry for the lawyer that has to stand next to him let alone try to defend him.
    More than likely he will get the death penalty, because anything less than that. People outside will definitely massacre him, prisoners from any prison would find out what he did and will beat him to death. Either way the consequences of his actions will put him in a special place in hell.
    If anyone else is involved they too should recieve the same sentence


  5. He did not do that. There were too many people in that house. How could more than 6 peopel be home and not here that bull shitz. I know you guys may have saw the video, but the video didn’t show the suspect doing anything. It was all he say she say!! Now if he did it and he’s somehow found guilty with solid evidence then I have no sympathy but until that USA citizen is found guilty I have the right to believe for the unbelievable and trust in the power of righteous.

  6. I knew that the devil had his followers here on earth but this act could not have be the devils followers it had to be the devil itself.

    I just hope to GOD that there is not a group like the ACLU, the worst group of ALL TIME, thinks that this man has rights. He has no rights and should not even have the benefit of a trial, he should go straight to jail, and I don’t want to hear the crap that he has psychological and mental disorders that made him commit this hienous act. If the ACLU or any other rebel without a clue group thinks this man (devil) has rights, let one of there children spend an hour alone with him (it).


  8. How could someone go into a house filled with people and rape and beat a newborn baby something is just not right here!! Im quite sure the baby was screaming to the top of his little lungs and again i say something is just not adding up here!! If he did we want have to worry they just love rapists and especially child molesters in jail!!

    • DNA still in the baby was found , and on his pants when arrested, do your research !!!! Individuals are not arrested on circumstantial evidence unless there is probable cause which they have sadly. The others in the home were oblivious to what he was doing privately ,remember he was on visitation. How were the other family members to know he was sick and disturb…. He will get the same in jail as he gave this baby-Justice wont be in a court room,that is for sure…

  9. i think this kind of ppl should get the the death sentence asap it make’s me sick to here things like this i have two baby girls my self it makes me wont never let them leave my side this boy is a pig

    • I don’t think he should get the death penalty because he will be safe from inmate population, life will be better so he can get justice everyday in population……

  10. It is ahrd to believe that a person could do such a thing Only God knows why and the punishment he will recieve we must pray for even these type of siners!God forgive you!

  11. The fact that even a God is mentioned makes this most disgusting. a God that would just float around and allow horrible acts like this to happen is the crazy one. God is responsible for our creation therefore responsible also of our sicknesses. GOD DID NOT TAKE CARE OF THIS MAN SO THAT HE WOULD NOT HARM ANYONE GOD DID NOT LOVE HIM AND THIS BABY. God is the sick one/Nature is the sick one for making sick babies who grow up and hurt what they once were. Hitler was a baby too. This baby didn’t have any Guardian Angels protecting him/her – NATURE/GOD IS SICK! The comments here are lame…..

  12. And where’s the proof that this even happened?….oh yeah u all kill & eat animals….that’s sick too! Veal IS baby bovine!!!! This man did what u veal eaters do to bovines……sickos

    • I’ve never raped or murdered a anything. You’re gross and odd for. Comparing the rape and murder of a baby to eating food. Get help.

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