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President Obama and Chicago lose Bid For 2016 Olympics



The early voting is in, and the City of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympic games is over. They were eliminated, quite unexpectedly, in the earliest round of voting.The presentation was bolstered with the mega watt star power, and unprecedented representation by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey. Several millions of dollars was spent on the presentation, and to lobby for the Olympic games.

This has to be a crushing blow to the city of Chicago, as it would have stimulated their economy for the next several years. I am confident that is what the President was looking forward to, as well as all the hotel owners in the city.

Unfortunetly it is not to be, and lessons must be learned from this. Could it be that all the leaked reports that had already granted the games to Chicago prior to the voting, upset the executives for the Olympics??This was widely reported as a popular explanation of the reasoning behind our leader, the President, and his wife, to make the unprecedented step to campaign for a local sporting event, albeit the most watched sporting event, on the worldwide stage. If Chicago had been granted the games, a precedent would have been set, and the Olympic committee may have had their hands tied in the future, if they were coerced into rewarding an appearance by a powerful nation’s standing President, like they are his fans.

I wish the best for Chicago and America at large, but now, the President can now concentrate on some of the urban issues that are currently plaguing the children of Chicago. He would be advised to step in and use the star power of his wife, and the actual power that the President holds, and help to repair the violent streets of Chicago.

Now that is a campaign that is worthy of the President’s time and attention.,edits02lose.article

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