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Lady GaGA ‘GaGGED on Kanye West Over Creative Differences..Maybe

alg_gaga_kanyeIt seems like Ego kills far more than fame.

Reports are leaking out about the actual reason why the Kanye West/Lady Gaga ”Fame Kills” super tour was canceled at the last minute yesterday, in the wake on Kanye West M.T.V. Video Music Awards drunken debacle.

It seems that there may have been some ”creative” misunderstandings involved between the two eccentric, yet highly talented mega pop stars. Kanye is uncharacteristically silent, and Lady Gaga seems like she has just gagged on silence, once here managers obviously pressured her to separate herself from the troubled Kanye West brand.

Iam sure this will all add up to the next Kanye West hit single, whether if he performs it or produces it.

I am very certain it is just a business move for Lady Ga-ga.

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