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Kanye West/Lady Ga-Ga ”Fame Kills” Tour, Killed

Fame Kills

Fame Kills

This just in….Live Nation has cancelled the much anticipated Kanye West/Lady Ga-Ga world tour, entitled ,quite ironically, the ”Fame Kills” tour. The reason why has not been revealed.

I did not like what Kanye did on the MTV video music awards, but I also believe that the public needs to move on. The public tar and feathering of Kanye has gone on too long, and will not change what happened. Taylor Swift has graciously accepted his apology quite some time ago, and has moved on.

Many of out top celebrities have done terrible things in the past, and have been able to continue along with their career. I worry that Kanye West may be receiving the Sinead O’Connor treatment from the media and the entertainment industry, and was never heard from again, even after selling millions of records for her record company.

A transformed Kanye could possibly use his vast talent to help the world, rather than the world boiling the totality of his life and accomplishments down to this one unfortunate lapse of good judgement and proper manners.

Free Kanye West.

2 Responses to “Kanye West/Lady Ga-Ga ”Fame Kills” Tour, Killed”

  1. Not so fast. Kanye showed his true racist self and we should not move on. I’m glad that the tour was cancelled, they should acually cancel his whole career. By the way Beyonce’s video was so tacky, she is not talented. She lost because her video and her song sucked.

    • …I would love for you to point out what he said or did that was racist,because if I missed that, I would like to rant against it.I hate racism, stupidity and bad manners.
      What he did was rude, but it is a strecth of the imagination to make this a racial issue….but let’s see if it is…
      I would say this to you and all, music is a personal taste issue, period,like what you want to like, live and let live,and respect Taylor Swift and Beyonce. They are both ultra talented young ladies, and I support ultra talented young ladies of all races, creeds, and colors….lol.Spice up your musical mix with Rand B as well as country..peace.

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