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The Disappearance of Mitrice Richardson

mitrice richardson Mitrice Richardson was arrested two weeks ago by the notoriously racial profiling Los Angeles County sherriff  department in Malibu. Apparently she had a mental lapse, and instead of the usual 48 hour mental health observation period, they temporarily detained her, and then released her to wander the barren countryside of Malibu, California at the ungodly hour of 1:30 am in the morning, even after they had ascertained that she was intoxicated, and probably mentally instable, based on her actions that evening.

She wandered away, as they prevented her from driving away, and she has disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.There was absolutely no human compassion offered to her, in the same way the very same police department had given to Britney Spears and Robert Downey, jr. during their much publicized psychotic breaks.There was no compassion given to her, and my best guess is that they probably treated her in the same manner that they regularly disrespect the homeless people who populate the beaches of Malibu.Go there, and stand at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Sunset blvd. in Pacific Palisades, and you will see a bunch of homeless mental cases less than a mile south of Malibu, all in the district that the sheriff department polices.

My point is that they treated her with a double standard, and now that they realize Mitrice has a family that loves her, and will be relentless in their search for their daughter, they are now in a defensive cover-up mode. They have to personally confront the fact that they were willing to treat a seemingly homeless psychotic black women like an animal, the kind they frequently encounter babbling on the streets and beaches of L.A., and she looked like the kind of street black women that society has thrown away, and they are the one’s that the sheriff department routinely mistreat, without anyone questioning their actions.

Imagine what happens to the multitude of homeless, temporarily depressed black women that are struggling to survive on the streets, and nobody ever misses them.We have to question why she was treated differently, and why the officers treated her differently than Britney Spears, and how they actually could have thought that was the proper thing to do.

I expect that they will rush to defend themselves, and that is why I am certain that they caused something tragic to happen to Mitrice, and they want to push the blame off on to someone other than themselves, because she was black.

I wish the best for Mitrice, and pray for her safe return. Please click on the link and read the article from the L.A. Sentinel.

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