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Does a Harvard Professor Rate Higher With the President Than a Murdered Chicago Teen?

Chicago Beating Death Vigil  I applauded the President for stepping up and commenting on the arrest of esteemed Harvard Professor Louis ”Skip” Gates, when excessive administration of the law was used somewhat unfairly, by the Cambridge police department. He took the unusual step in addressing a local issue,from the bully pulpit of the most powerful position in any nation of the world. Black Americans have never had such a powerful advocate that is at least understanding, and open minded about our causes. The President at least can humanize a racial issue, rather than subjugate it to a ”race card” issue, which is the new way for some white Americans to tell us that they do not care about any and all issues concerning race, because in their minds, only one race matters,and our concerns or grievances are not relevant, and quite possibly illegitimate. It is a popular reason not to investigate the validity of a case, as they would for any human being, that is demanded of them professionally.

Obviously,to them, race is no longer an issue, even if it is actually an issue. All race issues supposedly evaporated magically when Barack Obama became the first African American president. How naive can some Americans be, I am never surprised.This level of ignorance follows the degradation of our nation’s public school system, and increasing level of illiteracy.

My concern is over our countries priorities. This week, the President will fly over to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympics coming to Chicago. I am dumbfounded that he would opt to participate in this event when his beloved Chicago is metaphorically burning. Chicago city school children are being beaten to death in the streets of Chicago, and I thoroughly expected to hear the President address this heinous crime at a press conference, or at least mentioned on his weekly radio address.

Do we need to be a Harvard professor of any race to qualify for a little Presidential intervention? I am confident that is not his intent, but he must understand that it can be percieved in this way.

If I missed it, please send me the link, because I may need to apologize, but as it stands today, I can find no words from President Obama on this topic. Maybe he could help calm the nerves of the students that have to continue to attend the Chicago city school system, because they can afford no other option.Maybe it would encourage the parents that are committed to parenting under dire circumstances to stay strong, and not give up. He could possibly prevent the wave of drop outs that will undoubtably occur in the wake of this violence.

More importantly, he can help keep this in the forefront of our American consciousness. Soon, after all the marches, all the preachers preaching, and all the …”we need to save our kids”… scream fest at city hall or on T.V., we are going to forget about Derrion Albert, Fenger High, and the events that led up to this, and we will return to status quo.Neocons will use it to say disrespectful things about Rev.Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and yes, President Obama and any widely respected African American advocate, as if it is a tit-for-tat issue. The reality of Derrion will be substituted for political rancor jingoistic rhetoric.Liberals will do the same thing. Black Americans are not human, we are a political cause.

The President is above all of this, and his acknowledgement of the unfortunate events in Chicago this past week at Fenger High, could effectively establish value for the lives of black men, in the hearts and minds of all American citizens, and citizens of the world.He needs to let the world know that the value of even one black man’s life is worth the sympathetic human reaction that we would have if the mob had killed a white girl that day. I have seen this happen in Los Angeles during the heyday of gang violence in the eighties.Everday multitudes of black youths were being killed on the streets due to gang  drug wars, and it barely rated a mention on the evening news. It was ”those people” that I make sure to stay miles away from killing each other. It was perceived to be what they deserved.

All that changed when the gang war came into Westwood…

An innocent bystander, an Asian young lady, was shot to death  by a stray bullet from a gang member, while dining in Westwood,a popular entertainment community in upscale West Los Angeles, home to the UCLA bruins.

It was the top news story in the country, and it is how most of America learned about the Crips and Bloods, crack, south central L.A., police chief Darryl Gates,colors, and the ill will of the L.A.P.D. when they are on a mission. All black men were labeled as gang members,and less than human.It became policy to disregard any murder of a black youth, especially if the probable cause was black on black crime.

Westwood and all of L.A. was changed forever.I like a safe community, so that is great, but it does seem to look like one non-black life is more valuable than the thousands of black lives that were lost prior to the Westwood killing.This is just one of the basis that I have for my opinion here.

Mr. President, the killing of Derrion is more important to the America consciousness now, than the police hassling a black Harvard Professor in June. There is a lot to gain in hosting an Olympics in your city, like creating jobs. It may also drive investment into your city, which could increase funding for its infrastructure, which could spark investment into community based improvement projects. I know that is important, but do not underestimate the impact and transforming nature that a mere mention from you could have on your city of Chicago today.

President Obama could validate the immeasurable value of the irreplaceable life of this black American young man, and impress the value of our own lives to our own people, and the people of the world. I believe that if you say nothing, you will be trivial izing this seminal event in the history of Chicago.

One Response to “Does a Harvard Professor Rate Higher With the President Than a Murdered Chicago Teen?”

  1. Does a $24,000 per plate DNC fund raiser rate higher than a hospital in New Orleans? I don’t know the answer to either. What I do know, is that education is the key. Education for under privileged, and for ignorant bigots.

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