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Derrion Albert was killed by the new KKK.

Yesterday, September 28th, I celebrated my 45th birthday surrounded by family and friends. It was a great day to be alive, and I know I am very fortunate to be here, and have such good people to enjoy my life with.

I had to reflect on something that my high school counselor used to tell me when I was in the tenth grade at Crawford High school in San Diego, during the late 70’s. He would tell me that the life expectancy of a black man in America was only 25 years, and that I should not worry too much about the future, since I really should not expect to live for more than 10 or 11 years longer. Even though I had a very high grade point average, and I was taking all the advanced classes in all of my subjects,which included Trigonometry, Rhetoric,Latin, and Journalism, it was of no consequence to my counselor, because he felt confident that my race would limit me to a menial labor job, and that I would not live to see 26.

As a young man I respected the opinions of adults in authority, so I accepted his information as a fact, since he was my counselor, and I had no reason to doubt his expertise.Obviously, I was very naive,  but my parents demanded that I respect my elders, and race was not an issue in our house.We were never instructed to hate or disrespect anyone for any reason, as our family was very much a religious Christian family.

That all changed when my parents found out what my counselor had said. My mom and dad simply told me that those who read,lead, and that we can do anything if we put our minds to it.You have to know that my parents ran their own business, and all of the adults around me, were pretty much hard working people, that had moved out to California, after growing up as sharecroppers, and picking cotton for a living.My father only has a junior high school education, which he received at a segregated school for black children, in Stuttgart,Arkansas in the 40’s and early 50’s.

His life in Arkansas before civil rights was terrible at best.Whippings, beatings, and hangings, all courtesy of the KKK.He told me about a deceased brother of his that was dragged out of his house and hanged in front of the family by the klan.His name was Jerry as well, and I am named after him. I never confirmed this story, but I heard it from several relatives, and either way, it did make an impression on me, that has stuck with me for all these years.

We have definitely come a long way from our days as share croppers, and after hearing what my dad went through to get out here to provide for me and my siblings, I began to understand that the most effective way for black people to move forward was through the thorough education of our minds.

I also was impressed by how my dad would never follow a group, a team,and he was pretty much an independent thinker. As an artist, I never want to follow any crowd, movement, or group, preferring originality over group think. My father and I have a lot of friends, and socialize often, it’s just that we do not identify with any group, other than ourselves.

In Southern California, like most urban communities throughout America, the son’s, daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of share cropper’s have dropped the ball and have formed street gangs that terrorize our communities, and kill our children. No longer do we have to fear the whip or the noose of the KKK, because now,our children will do it for them!!!

What is most distressing is the fact that black children are killing themselves. I know that several races have this problem, but if you look at it from the media’s point-of-view, it seems like our gang violence is featured more so than say a Polish gang melee.I am going to focus on the African-American gang issue, as I know of it, and have dealt with it specifically.Gang lifestyle and culture has been promoted by all facets of the media, and unfortunately, a lot of the bad has been glorified.The popular game ”Grand Theft Auto” and all of the knock-offs that followed it, starring any one of your favorite rap artist, have desensitized children from the reality of physical violence. Knocking someone over the head with a board my be vicarious prurient entertainment, and when your character dies, you can simply restart the game, with absolutely no real consequences.

Within these games , the goal is to collect points for each kill, and you are rewarded with more money,dope, and henchmen.The goal of the KKK is to kill all black people in order to protect the white race from becoming mongrels, and losing all of their power over us, so they can rape and torture us without worrying about the real consequences that come with murdering human beings, like jail time, all the way to capital punishment.What are the goals of a street gang? How much money is there to make from hanging out with a bunch of uneducated,violent, child-men fighting and terrorising the old people and little kids in the neighborhood?Believe me, all the black gangs in America are making the KKK proud! They no longer have to do any of the dirty work that they used to don hoods to hide their faces, so no one could identify them after they committed murder.I hate the klan,yet I do feel the need to understand their personal logic. It is truly crazy.

Ufortunately,the fact still remains that black children can still be killed seeking education in America.Before civil rights, Jim Crow law made it illegal for black children to be provided with a free and equal education.Our ancestors were murdered for being educated.Reading was the main offense that would lead to your death, if it was discovered that you could read, and happened to be black. The education of the black man was done under the threat of violence, so a lot of our parents and grandparents never received any education at all, and we always had cotton to pick, so there was something else to do, albeit, it did not replace the gift of education.

Derrion Albert was murdered in the street last week after getting attacked by a group of youths, that were fighting in the streets. The media has identified all as gang members, and Derrion was not.He lived among gangs within his community, and was seeking to make all that he could from the public education that was being provided to him by the Chicago city school system.He was 16, and by all reports, a good kid.He was on the honor roll, and I know that must have made him proud.He probably did everything he could to avoid gang violence, but walking to and from school, we all know can be the most dangerous time for our children, and what they have to fear is another black man, hell bent on exhibiting to his fellow gang of losers, how ”down” and ”true” he is to his set. Being ”true to his set” apparently trumps being thoughtful and loving to your brothers. It’s to a point where that, if you are not part of their group, or gang, then they do not look at you as human, and your life becomes invaluable to them.Believe me, there is no thinking involved here.

Today’s black gangbangers are the new KKK.Our children have taken over the duties of the KKK, and the goal is to deny education to black youths, and after they get arrested because they were too stupid to wear hoods, they will enter the penal system for life,and basically become slaves of the state. Slavery or death is the only thing to gain from gang banging, and the only people who will make any money, will be the industry that has grown up to provide jails for them that will not provide them a proper education, or the funeral industry that will bury them.If they did sell drugs on that block, all the media attention that this is getting this week will bring a multitude of police there,in the short run, and no one will make any money.

Murder is bad for business, but you would need to be educated to understand this fact.Derrion could have helped all of you out, if he had been allowed to grow up.He has no opportunity to become a lawyer to sympathise with you when you are falsely accused or set-up by the cops.He will not be able to become a doctor to provide your family with reasonable healthcare, because he understands the plight in our community.

Derrion Albert like so many of our best and brightest, could not survive the walk to and from school, and in as much as he attempted to break out of his temporary circumstances,the streets had another fate for him.I call for all black men and women to physically change this situation with our own children, and the children of other’s that do not care about the life of their own kids, nor yours.We must transform the mentality of all of us, even if it demands that black people take the step to mete out our own justice to our people,because we can not accept this level of violence out of our children anytime, and anywhere.It is too simple to look at poor Derrion here, and blame the white man.

White people had nothing to do with this….Derrion was killed by our black children,the ones that have taken up the cause of the KKK, because they would prefer to be slaves.

Our children are the new KKK.

4 Responses to “Derrion Albert was killed by the new KKK.”

  1. The truth is that black children don’t know enough, if anything, about the history of black people. I sometimes fantasize that if black children knew that it was illegal to learn how to read, they would learn how to read. One of the stupidest situations that I see with black youth is the ridiculing of their peers who want to get an education. They are pressured into feeling that it’s uncool or ‘white’ to know something beyond video games and the latest rapper’s drama. In concurrence with Jerry, our youth play right into the hands of those who don’t want or expect them to succeed. In trying to convey this to our youth you find that the problem really starts with parents. This is what Bill Cosby was referring to when spoke some years back. My point is that our history has to be communicated from generation to generation so that our children know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

  2. Jerry, this is a very sad and touching story. You are a shining light. I grew up in Riverside, CA and was a minority white at University Heights Junior High School. I’m fifty now, and back then we were very proud to have blacks in our lives, and be able to share and be friends with them.
    I was lucky to learn that character transcends color. There were some racial issues, but overall it was actually starting to get better, but things have gotten worse in some ways. after 36 years, what looked at the time like an improving situation has deteriorated as well. I know too many white people that still don’t get it. Xenophobia.

  3. […] is yet another death of a teen in Chicago, following the tragic beating death of student Derrion Albert, who was beat to death by a gang of teens who were fighting, and at the time, Eric Holder and many […]

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